A Eulogy for #Occupy

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The whole issue with OWS was that it was a chaotic clusterfuck of ideas ranging from great all the way down to moonbat shit that even moonbat shit says stinks. It clearly lacked organization and the moonbat paranoia blocked any attempt to organize the clusterfuck.

    In fact, the only difference between OWS and the Teabagger party, besides political affiliation, is the fact the Teabaggers has some organization and structure. While both groups have cells (cancer cells if you will...) the Teabaggers have a head they answer to (ie: Those people that got rightfully and justifiably butthurt that the IRS denied them tax exemption and pointed their finger at Obama when he had fuck none clue it was going on). They also had a political figure: Sara "The Failin'" Palin and her down syndrome children and hubby.

    Meanwhile, the OWS groups had no communication between groups. No head moonbat to oversee what the fuck was going on. No political figure to make it stand out. (Yes, that includes Michael "Shit City Flint, MN" Moore". You know your shit is doomed when he sticks his fat, pimply ass into the shit.) No standard theme for each area or in general. The protests in and of themselves were a chaotic mess. Of course they broke a lot of rules too: The idea of a peaceful protest is to obey laws and regulations and when the law says it is time to GTFO, then you GTFO and not do all the faggotry that the OWS moonbats did. Also: It helps if you are whining about the rich that you don't wear hundreds of dollars brand name clothing and use an iPhone while you drink $5 coffee in plain view of the cameras of the world. Not to mention the fact if people try to lay a case to organize the clusterfuck, you don't shout them down with accusations that they are out to destroy OWS.

    TL;DR: OWS would have succeeded if they communicated and organized themselves a lot better than they did and lost all the moonbat hippy faggot buttfuckery.
  2. A.O.T.F Member

    Sitting here by the fire watching the waves rolling in ... Feeling a tad fucking cynical about a lot of fucking things lately. Looking for solutions .. nothing short of revolution.
  3. There was the police harassment and the FBI getting involved as well. Funny you left that out and the Tea Party calling for Obama's birth wanna talk moonbat. Honestly, what most people in the government must fear is the Tea Party and OWS coming together under a common goal. Which I think is what they should BOTH be doing since if you look at these two organizations on the surface at least there is A LOT of mistrust of the government and government spending on BOTH SIDES. Whether or not OWS and the Tea Party can stop listening to the Sarah Palin's on BOTH sides is something to keep an eye on in the future.
  4. tektak Member

    Good for fox news, I really don't care for their opinion, nor the opinion of any other msm, they're are nothing more than sheep wondering helplessly looking for a leader
  5. tektak Member

    Why do you assume because I dislike occupy I support the tea party, why do you even bring the tea party into a thread about occupy, logical fallacy huh, there is more to life than right and left, I do not agree with statist liberals , nor do I with any statist whether minarchist or conservative, occupy is a joke they do not know what their even protesting for, everyone has different ideas, goals, agenda, its sad before you claim you represent the 99% learn what the 99% is first
  6. Anonymous Member

    The problem with the occupy movement was that the wrong people were there. the people that should have been there were the ones that lost money because of the incompetence, greed, and criminal behavior that occurred in wall street.

    What makes me sad(and steals all my pity for them) is that the people that knock the occupy movement were the ones hurt most by wall street. the people with investments and 401ks. Those people should have been exercising their rights on the stock ballots, and voted the incompetence out. Instead, they simply ignored everything and went about their daily lives, while their money was sucked out of their investment.

    The insulting part was that the share holders could have done a class action lawsuit against the CEO's and taken away their bonuses. Even if they lost, the irs would have seen the assets for the CEO's and would have taxed them heavily as a result.
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  7. muldrake Member

    People with investments and 401ks are not in the least interested in participating in a drum circle, and if they had even tried to join in, would have been driven off by hordes of butthurt fanatics for not being ideologically pure enough or even just accused of being feds. OWS was guilty of being "Occupied" itself by a professional protest culture with little interest in anything but its own navel-gazing circle-jerk.
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  8. DeathHamster Member

    If the professional protest culture had really wanted to have a lasting protest, in Ontario, they could have camped on Crown Land. As long as they move a bit every 21 days, they're good forever.

    Lots and lots of land.

    What's that you say? They need media coverage and butthurt to survive?

    I'm sure that someone from the media would probably check on them every week or two. (Maybe bring food.) And as for the butthurt--not a problem! I doubt the latrine sub-committee would stop making hand signals at each other long enough to get anything done, and sooner or later, someone will wipe their ass with poison ivy. Oh yeah, and the lack of water purification, bad food, and idiots shitting upstream from the camp... LOADS of butthurt!

    Meanwhile, they could have endless (and I mean endless) debates about using deadfall wood to stay warm and cook. (Is it disrespectful of Gaia and what about the CO2 produced?) The debates on hunting and trapping would be to die for! (But probably moot due to the drum circles.)
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