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  2. Anonymous Member

    That has got to be one of THE most retarded things that have ever come out of Hubbard's nasty mouth.
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  3. muldrake Member

    It's a shitty sentence followed by a sentence that starts with a conjunction. Only a Scientology cultist could put these two shitty sentences in a row as a "good" example of the crap the leader of its cult said.
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  4. tippytoe Member

    Hubbard had chronic diarrhea of the mouth.
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  5. SeenTheLight Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    damn she's probably only 28 years old too.

    Scientology ages people.
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  7. Malory Member

    I wonder why Belfast isn't mentioned on that list of places working for a clear UK? Let's not get into politicl faggotry, I'm asking because all the official Scientology sites list the Belfast Mission as part of the UK network and Dublin as the only Irish site.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Those are the 8 Orgs in the UK. The others are Missions.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Actually, Dublin is included in the UK, as far as CoS is concerned ( as are India and Pakistan).
  10. RolandRB Member

    I like this "Move up to your next status" - what a scam. People think that if they donate to the IAS then this somehow helps the Ideal Orgs. Truth is that only about 1% of the money people donate to the IAS actually gets spent on helping Scientology expansion and only about 1% of that will go to Ideal Orgs. The rest is a bit of administration costs with 90% going to the asthmatic dwarf's retirement fund.
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  11. Malory Member

    I thought that at first, but isn't Brighton only a Mission?
  12. Malory Member

    Oh yeah, that would really fly in Dublin........
  13. Anonymous Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Easy mistake to make, given the state of Orgs these days.
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  16. skeptic2girl Member

    Although I guess I'm used to cult jargon by now, when this lady says, "clear the area of Birmingham and the West Midlands,"I picture a bulldozer mowing down the city of Birmingham.

    Has it ever been settled what is actually being referred to by "clearing the planet"? Surely they don't mean making planet earth Planet Scientology, cuz, hahaha FLUNK. What, then? Clear of SPs? Clear of degraded beings low on the Tone Scale?
  17. The Wrong Guy Member

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  18. DeathHamster Member

    A few of their pics/text are fucked up.

    4833 Fountain Ave in Los Angeles, California: The former Cedars of Lebanon Hospital was bought in 1976 for a cool $5 million. Now, this 500,000 square foot blue box is the Scientology West Coast headquarters. It was renovated and reopened in April 2010, and is known as "the Complex."

    ^^ No, that's the LA Org, not the former hospital, the Complex, Big Blue.

    210 S. Fort Harrison in Clearwater, Florida: Easily the largest property on this list, the Fort Harrison Hotel became the flagship building of the church's spiritual headquarters in March 2009.

    ^^ No, it went back on the property rolls as a taxable hotel, not the flagship building. (And I suspect that the real former Cedars of Lebanon Hospital is larger.) The much larger Flag Building across the street aka Super Power hasn't been opened yet.
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  21. SeenTheLight Member

    8.3 million done, 4.9 million to go.

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  22. jensting Member

    "This figure may change slightly"

    Oh. Wow! The stupid!! it Burns!!!

    Borrowing the language from commercial transactions when - in their heart of hearts - they know that they're relying on donations being just that and that the money goes, ehrm, just into thin air (not even to a charity which has very strict rules about accountability). It's almost as if they're afraid of getting sued. I don't think they have anything to worry about :)
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  23. Kilia Member

    Thank you, Carlton...absolutely gob-smacking!
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  24. First time round i missed the vid, they are having another fleecing the members event on saturday 2nd feb at shit hill manor
  25. SeenTheLight Member

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  26. ZeroC Member

    Lol, I'm guessing they don't read the census.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    This could be made more lulzy.

    The cartoonist draws the

    Birmingham Bulls
    Soldiers of London
    Mancunian Army
    Rockers of Brighton
    Pirates of Plymouth
    Kights of St Hill
    Revolutionaries of Sunderland
    Warriors of Scotland

    ..then shows the mascots working on buildings, and finally the triumphant bull setting a flag on the Birmingham building with the words below: "Building our idea orgs together!"

    At this point I would like to see a large Monty Python style foot coming down and squishing everything with the text: "Oh noes! The Psychiatrists of Marcab!"
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  28. Anonymous Member

    How much does the title 'scientologist humanitarian' cost?
  29. Anonymous Member

    From 2006
    GOLD HUMANITARIAN -- $500,000
    HUMANITARIAN -- $100,000
  30. Anonymous Member

    In the animation above the mancunian army cartoon has a Manchester United logo added to the tshirt. Copyright?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Make the UK the first country cleared of the cult of $cientology- upgrade your youtube account to humanitarian LULZcow with honours, today!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Fucking hell.
  33. Anonymous Member

    That's 2006 prices - anyone know how much these poor idiots parted with in 2013?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Same, $100,000.
  35. DeathHamster Member

    Have they started inventing new levels yet, like Diamond Humanitarian Meritorious?

    Next it'd be stuff like Mithril or Adamantium...
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Contact email : tamararichardson@ cmouk . org
    The only person of that name I can find is this one on Linkedin

    Tamara Richardson

    Sr. Digital Marketer, B2B Agency Owner, Creative Director, and Account Development
    Charlotte, North Carolina Area
    Marketing and Advertising
    Executive Director (both Carolinas)
    CCHR Carolinas

    January 2006– April 2011 (5 years 4 months)
    I hold the title of Executive Director for "Citizens Commision on Human Rights of the Carolinas" an International non-profit 40 year old organization. See This is a non-profit position I donate my time to. I help educate parents and community leaders on the dangers of psychotropic drugging of children. As CCHR Carolinas, Executive Director, I participate in regional seminars and local community-type expos, work with North and South Carolina politicians to change laws to protect parents from having forced psychotropic drugging done to their child.
  37. Hello guys,

    I'm a journalist for French magazine "LIRE", and I'm currently inquiring on Roger Jon Ellory and his involvement in the cult. He's a very much praised author here in France but the truth has never been exposed on him.

    I came to understand he was an auditor in the 80s, but has now gotten discreet, while his wife Vicky was still on the forefront. Do any of you know more on his (theirs) whereabouts ? What are their roles today in the Birmingham section ?

    Thanks a lot for your help !


  38. Anonymous Member

    You might want to start a new thread for this question so more people you might be able to help you can see it.

    Also post it on:
  39. Alright, thanks a lot ! I'll be sure to do that !

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