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  1. omg barb what are we going to do
    this is terrifying it makes me cry just thinking about it
  2. xenubarb Member

    Imma say 'fuckit' and move to Panama or Costa Rica, or Baja, or Cuba. And I will sit on my boat monitoring the news about more totalitarian measures brought down on Americans "for security" and Imma laugh my ass off because you didn't stand up to the TSA and that would have been the perfect opportunity to let those fetid profiteers running your country to GTFO the line has been crossed.

    At this point, I don't have that many years left and I will be go to hell if I'm gonna spend them in the freak show that America has become and is becoming.
    You the people...I am disappoint.
  3. i cant and i wont GTFO beside i have nowhere else to go
    im verry idealist since i was old enough to understand politics
    like a hippie from the 60's
    i believe i will change the world even if that is just a laughable delusion
    brought on by despair and frustration at my inability t0 really do anything
  4. none given Member

    Chill, chill.
    We can lobby, try to influence public opinion, petition lawmakers, all that.
    We can also improve our skills, collect hardware and get ready to go really underground.
    It's not possible to silence the people with today's technology. Look at the rest of the world; countries that have maintained a total blackout for centuries are losing control because of twitter.
    They may try it here but they will fail.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    That is all.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    And we are just the guys to do it.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I have wondered if the recent extension of the Patriot Act had anything to do with Wikileaks...

    Tinfoil? I hope so.
  8. NO!!!
    when it comes to american politics nothing you can think of
    too farfetched! get your tinfoil suits ready boys and girls
    this is the bigun'
  9. Anonymous Member

    Leaks will leak.
  10. Anonymous Member

    "SHIELD Act" as in "SHIELDing against accountability Act"
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. how sad....
    my heart is broken and acheing
  13. maybe there is hope that the people in the senate will realze hes a racist nutjob and his bill will fall through like 10 tons of lead
    (damn my boss for blocking youtube on the office server)
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. LocalSP Member

    Barb I hope you have room on your boat for me.
  16. i cant
    this is more than just dealing with the CoA or a poorly secured "security"firm with asshats for ceo's
    this is the american government, an insurmountable wall akin to the berlin wall. these people solicit assassinations, coerce subtly, pay war mongering machines with money and arms...
    it makes me severely doubt what we can do against such horrible and scary odds
  17. This seriously pisses me off. All because they don't want ppl knowing the dirty tricks,bullshit, and sneaking around they do. They are gonna keep fucking around until the streets of the U.S. look like the streets of Egypt....full of pissed off people who have had enough. It's very sad that the founding fathers are a lot like us, and very far away from being like them.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Wasn't your Second Amendment supposed to stop this sort of shit happening?
  19. Yea back then, not now. Back when the constitution meant something.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    The Government leaders are wrapped in their own little cocoon. They have no idea what is going on in the real world. Ask anyone of them what a loaf of bread costs or the price of a gallon of milk. I'll bet they couldn't tell you. They don't have a clue as to how disaffected the average Joe is. Is it possible that the US could end up like Egypt? I think it's very possible. Will the military back the Government if push come to shove? I don't think so. As Barb has stated, the average recruit is there because he doesn't have much of an option. If told to turn his gun on his own people I think most would balk at this. As for local police, I think they would do as told, just like in Egypt. Would it be bloodier? Hell yes it would what with all the gun owners out there. I do believe that some higher ups in the Gov know that this kind of thing could happen and in fact hopes that it would happen so they can push even tougher laws into effect. The problem with that is they actually think they will win out.
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  21. but some people stil believe in it, even if you can count them in one hand and is some sort of comfort for me at least.
    its is really sad that it has come down to an "underground" movement like anonymous to defend what the founding fathers based the entire country on
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  22. Very true. At least back when the founding fathers were alive ppl knew what the hell was going on. I won't even fly an american flag anymore.....nothing against the country, but I am just so disgusted with the gov.
  23. Some people are mentioning guns.

    We need to think our way out of this without them using sheer numbers and a talent for leaderless organization. Like the Egyptians.

    We fire on those bastards no matter the provocation, then we allow them to take us on full force like those folk in the occupied countries, drones and all.

    If we don't fire back when attacked, they become known as oppressors and lose any sympathy and authority.

    This is a gut feeling, but the second amendment means shit nowadays if we really want our country back.
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  24. Optimisticate Member

    It's not a law yet, just legislation being introduced to the House. There's still a few more steps in which the people may intervene. Speak up, speak out, speak LOUDLY. Don't let 'em take the first amendment away.

    This isn't just about wikileaks anymore.
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  25. greez Member

    This is why a non violent movement has to take place. You cannot win with violence especially in this country. With as many people that have weapons supporters of both sides would eventually take violent action. Much like the french Indian war our government would then recruit people that support it to help silence those who don't. The ratio is unimaginable as to what the outcome of violent uprising would be. Not only would mass deaths become a problem but the government as well as outlying agencies would take into effect their conditions to uphold order. Such agencies as FEMA, Homeland Security, USAF and local Authorities. There ARE provisions in such cases that if such an even were to take place, the average middle class American would have a hard time buying a loaf of bread let alone walk down the street arm in arm with the masses.
  26. Anonymous Member


    “Single men and determined groups have been the only makers of space in which man could walk free.”
    as4.gif L. Ron Hubbard
  27. greez Member

    Winning hearts and minds. That is the truest form of success. Also for you violent war mongers out there mentioning the use of guns, you are NO better than the oppressive monsters that control this country today. Shame on you. Just because there isn't violence does not mean we aren't in a war. I for one would positively call the actions taking place now 'war' it's just on a much deeper term. It is a political, ideological, and metaphorical war at best.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Funny but I don't see anyone saying guns should be used, just saying that they will probably used. Better bone upon your reading comprehension.
  29. Anonymous Member

    The second amendment is for those who cannot use the first amendment properly.
  30. xenubarb Member

    We're gonna be privateers and hunt pirates. I hope you're okay with that.
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  31. LMFAO how fucking true!
    youve given me a good laugh today
    for that i give you caek!
  32. Zak McKracken Member

  33. xenubarb Member

    That's not a white whale. It's a discarded condom Anonymous threw away. (guys, what have I told you about littering?)
  35. Zak McKracken Member

    So's the whale your mom.
  36. THAR she blows!!!
    From the depths of hell, I Stabeth thee!
  37. Anonymous Member

    Boat? Nah...., what you want is a submarine. Now that's a pirates dream.
  38. Anonymous Member

    probably not this one though...

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