A Book About Anonymous

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Alan Smithee, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. MikeHdgo Member

    If he does write it... cool, not sure if he's gonna be able to cover what anonymous is all about. We write history every day. Who knows tomorrow Anonymous will be the largest group of people that ever got together for _________ (something, anything, everything, nothing)
  2. DR Ninja Member

    hey man, I love the thought of a book being writen about us, I also would support you 100%. And I'm sorry that your being trolled by some 12 year olds here, but they don't understand the impact this could have on our reputaion. It would put us even more on the world-wide scale. But this site isnt the only site that hosts us. I would post this about a million times on 4chan and talk with us on the IRP. TBH I would also go to some of the protests to interview people first hand, we just love to talk with people while protesting (psst, we might hastle you about the Co$ too, sry bout tht). But like I was saying, this isnt the only site, and anons are everywhere, just look for the guy fawks masks.

    ps. you don't have to ask for our permission to interview or even write a story/book about us. Freedom of information brah, its lovely :p.
  3. Enturbulette Member

    If "Smithee" can't even endure the lightest of trolling here, by 12 year olds as you say, then he's hardly the person to write about it, us, them, anonymous, now is he? (rhetorical, no need to bwaaa)
  4. Anonymous Member

    It has happened a number of times that private investigators paid for by the Scientology enterprise pose as journalists to gather intelligence on former victims.
  5. DR Ninja Member

    oh.....shit....(deletes post.....) JK, i really meant it for him if hes legit, sorry if hes really a faggot...
  6. Anonymous Member

    He wasn't a faggot. He was very naive and a little bit stupid. He had nice manners, was very courteous but he realized that he's not yet equipped for such a task.

    As for this item,
    it is one chunk of information that explains why naive writers, journalists and academics are so heavily trolled here.
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. I propose a talking book so I can still have one hand on my cawk and the other on my mouse/cigarette/lube tube while I masturbate and probably because according to Religion, masturbation will eventually "sadly" send my blind.

    what the fuck is a hastle? Is it from the same genus as a Lurkmoar?
  9. Anonymous Member

    God is just jealous because if he was to crank his lever he'd be a hypocrite.
  10. God would have to actually exist before even considering cranking his lever. Besides even if the glorious winged faggot did exist wouldnt he just have his pick of virginal little alter boys?
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  11. Wouldn't work. The only way it could work is if you were already known as a writer, then people would just buy it.
  12. buzZztedOne Member

    would be quite a mission, but yeah do it!!
  13. tildacity Member

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  14. whosit Member

    Why do people think this is a movement?

    Why do people treat this like a movement?

    Warning, personal opinion from an asshole, I thought anonymous was being about anonymous. I thought it was about freely expressing opinions. I thought it was about not taking credit.

    I enjoy arguing with leftist idiotfags on this site. I stand with you on Scientology needing to be reformed but I disagree with a lot on other things.

    Is "Anonymous" being hijacked by leftist faggots? Has "Anonymous" become a movement?
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  15. Perhaps you missed the Memos on 'what is the plan' ?
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  16. naveman Member

    yes I missed the memos on whatistheplan there is a website of that name tried to join it but there was eather a problem with me or the site is it legitmate or does anyone know what im talking about
  17. naveman Member

    thanks you dont know who or what is on the net
  18. I don't? Good Grief! Maybe $cientology can help me with that!

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