A Book About Anonymous

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Alan Smithee, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Did anyone get into a PM conversation with him besides me?
  2. none given Member

    That's a good point, after all you would be unlikely to suggest yourself.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Yet, this tickles me. I have some friends who are authors and photographers, and other visual artists, and it seems like every couple of months, another friend has a book coming out. I thought ... man, I'm working ass off, and they do a book. Hmmm ... and sometimes I gave them information they couldn't get, which were crucial points in their book. Anyway ...

    This lead me to think about writing, although writing about my activism never crossed my mind.

    I agree with the OP, this book will happen - someone will do it, and eventually more. I can just see a large paperback with a EFG mask on the cover. It's inevitable. The only sensible approach that I can think of, is to have a treefort with a group of contributors/editors who reach consensus on the final version.

    I'd contribute, and I might be able to network with securing a publisher. Only thing is we'd have to give the million dollars to ... I have no idea.
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    "I can think of, is to have a treefort with a group of contributors/editors who reach consensus on the final version."

    Someone around here tried exactly that I guess it was about a year or so ago.
    We never even finished an outline.
  5. none given Member

    Truely hiveminded prose take about 3 days per paragraph and this is no longer a good place to try it.
    Telecomix might be your best bet these days.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Well, if you want it, I'm down.
  7. Anonymous Member

    I wouldn't think of doing it here. I feel that a small number (whomever feels that they have something great to contribute) would constitute a writing group.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Please make this the book cover.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    not me
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    to send you my work so that you can evaluate whether or not you think I am right for this project.

    Finally, I just want to stress that I am fascinated by Anonymous as a movement and I just want to describe you in the most accurate way possible so that people can read the closest representation of your history. I'll leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson: "Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error." Only by having an authorized autobiography of the Anonymous meme that freely explores your past can you be safeguarded against mistakes you might make in the future.


    Alan Smithee

    So about ur idea to write a book about me/him/she/it or us, wont be valid. Becauce we arent a group we are just free minded and hopping to find ppl with same ideas, plans or skills we dont have any intrests to make friendship...As u maybe already seen evryone has his own projekt with help or maybe alone...

    Some like the projekts of the other anonymous other dislike for example operation "payback" (wondering if they liked the pizza dilevery :D) So the only think u can write is that what i just wrote down or u write down ur expierence, which might be the same like half of us have

    Good Luck
  13. Anonymous Member

    You fucking pussy. Make it up, all of it. Lie lie lie lie lie. After all, who's going to stop you?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Relax. He's gone after posting this yesterday:

  15. Anonymous Member

    :D even afraid to write about anonymous, asking myself what did u think as u joint this forum in the 1st place...

    Anyway it should be a leasson if u start something bring it till to the end... And if ur hoping to find illegal activity┬┤s u should be sure that u can handle it...cuse free minded of huge projekts already should know the risks and how to protect them selfs so dont accept that somebody shows u his cards without taking a part of the risk...
  16. Anonymous Member

    sry saw the message that he left after posting
  17. Clever Name Member

    yes, auntie dearie, i believe i quoted the very post. doesn't mean he won't come creeping back quietly to peep on his thread.

    anyhow, i say we are all writing the great Anonymous historical novel right now, this very minute. this is it. and this. and this. and... well you get the point. don't you?
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  18. Smurf Member

  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    Dunno about historical novel (though I think Historical 'Fiction' is a great vehicle) but I do believe and feel like we're living it, right here, right now. And yes, mucha escritura is being created as we live and breath, but the person was talking about a published book, all about the The History Of (Digital) Anonymous.

    As for a return to WWP by the OP, I kinda don't think so.

    As I said, in an earlier post, I put the fear of gawd, death and modern medical science into the person, in order for the person to realize that they are dealing with a force of nature and that that's nothing to trifle with. cf. Aaron Barr.
  21. Anonymous Member

    For being a professional writer that is a pretty weak opening paragraph.

    First understand this. ANONYMOUS IS YOU, ME, EVERYBODY THAT IS NOT FAMOUS. You are anonymous. You as an individual are meaningless. When you die nobody will notice. ANONYMOUS, LIKE SOYLENT, GREEN IS MADE OUT OF PEOPLE.

    So what is all this bullshit about "ballsy moves" from a group that doesn't exist? What you are seeing is average people organizing that is all. For the first time in history the common people can coordinate across the globe and act as a unit.

    You will level with "Anonymous" Who the fuck are "Known and Famous". You are Anonymous. Just go diaf idiot.

    Don't wait for the Hugo in the mail. It will never come

    So go do something new, who is stopping you. As far as a blessing? Who the fuck do you think you are? Mr. I Been Published and Gots a Book On Kindle. Just write your
    stupid fucking book or better DIAF. If you are accurate you will be praised if you are not you will be ripped to shreds. Nobody here cares about you what you do or your book.

    Nice original thought Mr. Professional writer man.

    God you are such a noob. You sound like a total fucking idiot. You want permission? What are you even talking about? Look if you wanted to write a book about New York would you go to Times Square and start asking random strangers permission? NO!!! YOU WOULD JUST WRITE YOUR FUCKING BOOK!!!

    I want to take a journalistic approach to Anonymous and interview members, who are far more knowledgeable about your history than me, to hear your story firsthand. I don't want to merely describe Anonymous and its impact on society from the outside; I want to hear your side of the story.

    Think of this project as a sort of autobiography of a meme. The general public has a vague concept of who you are, and media like the infamous Fox news segment is indicative of the kind of portrayal you can expect to receive. What I want to do is present your story as you see it, without taking your side, but without judging you as well. I want to present your history in your own words, because if you don't, you can be guaranteed that someone else will.

    I have no desire to do this without your blessing. I have no desire to be in Anonymous after this introduction. I don't want to do anything illegal or describe anything illegal in print. I don't want to out any members of Anonymous, but I do very much want to interview and talk to you so that I can better understand your point of view. That necessitates that you approve of this project, this "Book of Anon", and are willing to allow me to continue with the idea.

    I have no doubt that you can find me if you're interested in what I'm saying. You can message me on this forum, and I would appreciate any advice on more appropriate places to post this message. I would be happy to send you my work so that you can evaluate whether or not you think I am right for this project.

    Finally, I just want to stress that I am fascinated by Anonymous as a movement and I just want to describe you in the most accurate way possible so that people can read the closest representation of your history. I'll leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson: "Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error." Only by having an authorized autobiography of the Anonymous meme that freely explores your past can you be safeguarded against mistakes you might make in the future.


    Alan Smithee
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  22. Anonymous Member

    my last post got messed up .. hit the button to soon but it's not worth finishing the OP is an idiot and should DIAF
  23. Anonymous Member

    It was a rather nice try at a critical deconstruction of the OP. Pretty good going, as far as it went, imho.

    You was on a roll and I'm not convinced the OP was a troll.
  24. Anonymous Member

    I agree the OP is not a troll. The OP is an idiot.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    No disagreement here. It took me about 5000 words to have it GTFO.
  26. AnonyVix Member

    A book you say, damn fine idea, perhaps a series of books like that vampire thing or that boy wizard thing. Some titles already spring to mind:

    Anonymous - long cat is looooooong
    Anonymous - the caek is a lie
    Anonymous - and the mystery of the exploding yellow van
    Anonymous - delivers (pizza)
    Anonymous - the truth behind the boxy
    Anonymous - hey, don't blame the hat

    I'ma firin' up my bootleg copy of Word 2010 copy of Oracle Open Office right naow. Next week, high tea with Her Majesty J K Rowling (OBE).
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  27. Jesseanon Member

    If its the same Alan Smithee that attended many many raids in Mn, I would be happy to chat with him. he has our photos, the most and the best.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Ok imma finish it.
    Anonymous members? GOD YOU ARE STUPID. There is no group, so there are no members! You want to interview a "member of anonymous" ??? Really then just walk up to any random stranger and start asking questions.

    You are no better than the news anchor who reads from a teleprompter.

    And you are walking into it with the same preconceived notions. You are not here to find anything out you are here to get some good quotes to upholster your foregone conclusions and puff up your little ego.

    In brief WE ARE THE FUCKING GENERAL PUBLIC!!! It is you who only has a vague concept. What do you think happens when a bunch of ordinary general public get ahold
    of a world wide communication tool? OH LOOK THEY ORGANIZE PROTESTS!!!! WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK KINGS AND DICTATORS AND GOVERNMENTS SMASH PRINTING PRESSES? Because if the general public talks to each other and starts acting on the behalf of the general public it upsets the pristine little world populated by Professional Writer Guys like yourself.

    Don't need your help with that. We present our history in our own words every day in writing. It's called THE FUCKING INTERNET god you are such an idiot. DIAF.

    There is nobody to give you a blessing so you won't get one.

    First of all dumb ass there is nothing to be in. Second, you are by default anonymous. After all you didn't make your post with your real verified name did you.

    Then don't do anything illegal and don't associate with people that do illegal things. The very fact that you make the statement that you don't want to do anything illegal implies that you already believe illegal things are being done. GTFO GO DIAF.

    Take your egofagging ass out of here!

    OH glad to know you are fascinated by the general public. How is your dirt collection by the way? Love the quote from TJ you would do much better if you actually followed it by using a little reason and asking some questions before you start telling a bunch of random strangers how you are the one and only who can defend them against the onslaughts of Fox News.

    GOD YOU ARE SUCH A MORAL FAGGING EGO FAGGOT YOU MAKE ME WANT TO PUKE! NO I won't puke. I will just encourage you to DIAF and rid us of your asshat self righteousness.

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Well done! And I'm not being facetious with you.

    I decided to be polite and diplomatic. WTF? I was feeling charitable.

    What I learned from the entity was more about the depth of the ignorance of these kinds of people, and their assumptions and their expectations.

    I didn't find it to be weapons-grade stupidity, but it was major stupid, and very deep presumptuousness. He did not leave my care with any airs of moral superiority.

    PM me if you want the details.
  30. Enturbulette Member

    "I am fascinated by Anonymous as a movement and I just want to describe you in the most accurate way possible...Regards,
    Alan Smithee"

    I've had stomach growls that lasted longer than this guy's "fascination".
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  31. Nick_Nolte Member

    Someone who's been in it from the beginning is writing a book about it and it will make you all rage. Can't wait.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    weapons-grade stupidity !!! awesome.

    Yea, I saw he backed off of his little project. Which is a shame. I think he should try to write such a book. I encourage anyone to try.

    So I finished my rant on his letter not because I wanted him to read it but more to add to the record of what being anonymous is.

    Actually, his treatment here was a lot more tame than if he spouted his letter to the /b/tards, who started off the whole Chanology thing.
    At least I think it was /b/ correct me if i'm wrong.
  33. over9000OT Member

    DOX or GTFO.

    On second thought, just GTFO.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Opening paragraph idea:
    "Once their was an Anonymous on 4chan. After posting his 5th pedobear meme joke, he finally realized the benefits of the free internet. His idea was clear and could easily be worked out for the benefit of the world. So that ideas and information can be shared without violation of due process or abusing powers of the control of information. Yes, it will work, and there wouldn't be need for any censorship or ACTA, or anything. Still, seeing he died from aids, this isn't his story. The story begins with a bunch of faggots typing away in their basements who were bored until they saw a Tom Cruise video."
  35. Clever Name Member

    Me neither, I love rage, it's right next door to joy and two doors down from indifference. Also, I'd love to know where you (or your buddy) would mark 'the beginning' (unless you're just talking about Chanology in which case: heard enuf thanks).

    Anyhow writing a book about the internet is always a step backward; what you do on the internet is the story of the internet, you. are. in. it. now. Unlike IRL you write it and live in it and watch yourself doing it all at the same time.
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  36. HOC Member

    Connections in Anonymous
    Connections in

    This isn't the Mafia.
    Please to be lurking moar.
  37. moarxenu Member

    I think some day someone needs to write the history of Anonymous, and I think xenubarbz is one of the best people to do it. The first question I have is: Who leaked the "Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise Scientologist" vid to YouTube? Ex-scifag or anon from 4chan? Did they have any idea of the shit storm they would cause?

    I think the question "What is Anon?" kinda goes nowhere, but what Anon has done in Chanology is remarkable. It's the largest and most effective opposition the cult has faced in 60 years. How did they do it when no one else had succeeded? That's an interesting story.

    And an incredibly colorful one. A chapter on the famous trolls of Chanology would be worth reading: megaphonebitch, skeptic, daywatch, etc. Also, I totally skipped over the drama faggotry of the summer of 2008 leading to the 888 attacks and retirement of a lot of the moar ferocious anons and lulzfags that autumn. How did Chanology survive that and go on to more wins with fewer activisits? It would be great to have the story.

    After barbz does her book maybe Trev6 and Japanons can do a manga version. I think that would definitely sell.
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  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    Don't ya be a talkin about da Mafia now. Da Feds ar listenin.
  40. Anonymous Member

    but its fuuun

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