6th London ACC

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Algorithm, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Algorithm Member

    Why would you talk about brainwashing, how to - rather than how not to? Over and over again.

    Make the patients face wet and cover it with something cold to give him amnesia...

    "I can show you how to brainwash somebody and leave him with a total wipeout in 20 seconds. Bang!" - L. Ron Hubbard - 14 May 1959 Track 05
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  2. nonfza Member

    nice look forward to seeing what new blunders Ron made on these
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  3. carsondude Member

    Great new leak. Thanks Algorithm.
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  4. Zhent Member

    Leaks are on a roll again!

    I think we need to revise a new list of what has/hasn't been leaked.
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  5. Algorithm Member

    Yeah, I think that's a good idea. It can get confusing and that's without even listening to the stuff...
  6. Anonymous Member

    I have the following as currently unleaked (with the dodgy assumption I have missed any of the leaks):

    3rd American ACC: The Endowment of Livingness (73 lectures)
    5th American ACC: Unlocking Universes (33 lectures)
    Postulates & Live Communication: Why You Can Audit (9 lectures)
    Application of Games Theory to Processing (9 lectures)
    18th American ACC: Confront & Tone 40 (22 lectures)
    5th London ACC: Unlocking Past Life Memory (40 lectures)
    21st American ACC: From Homo Sapiens to Clear (11 lectures)
    6th London ACC: The HAS Co-Audit & Broad Scale Clearing (15 lectures)
  7. Anonymous Member

    18 and 21 acc and 5th lacc are all that are left soooooo close to finish line
  8. ocean12 Member

  9. Zhent Member

    3rd American ACC, 5th American ACC have definitely been leaked.

    Problem is, as noted previously, its REALLY hard to keep track of things because there are so many ways to organise LRH lectures. And of course CoS keeps re-releasing lectures in different packs, under different names. I currently have lectures sorted into pack folders, for example 'Anatomy of the spirit of man congress (CD)', 'Clean Hands congress (CD)', 'The phoenix conference 1953 (tape)', etc, but there is probably a good deal of overlap between packs.

    Perhaps we should have a look at the new "Materials Guide Chart" or the "Guide to Materials of Dianetics and Scientology" book from CoS and carefully try and tick off what has/hasn't been leaked from that list? (and organise appropriately from there)
  10. ocean12 Member

    Yes they change names all the time to resell them. Major leaks left are
    5 Lacc
    6 acc
    18 acc
    21 acc

    I could have missed something there are odds and ends
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  11. Anonymous Member

    These are complete sets that have been leaked on this and the previous site. Although most links are now dead. A few other partial sets or single tapes have been leak.

    Oakland Public Lecture Series
    Standard Procedure - Dianetics Professional
    Science Of Survival Lectures
    Special Course In Human Evaluation Lectures
    Foundation Auditors Congress
    Thought Emotion and Effort
    Life Continuum Lectures
    December Conference Lectures
    Command of Theta (London Professional Course)
    HCL Or The Dawn of Immortality Or Summary Course Lectures
    Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures(PDC)
    Source of Life Energy
    Technique 80 Lectures(The Route To Infinity)
    Technique 88
    The Standard Procedure For Theta Clearing Lectures
    Time Track of Theta
    1st American ACC(Exteriorization And The Phenomena of Space)
    2nd ACC
    First International Congress of Dianeticists and Scien Philadelphia
    Second International Congress of Dianeticists & Scientologists Phoenix
    Factors Lecture series 53 Admiration and Beingness
    3rd acc
    5ACC Universes The War Between Theta and Mest 54
    Phoenix Lectures inc Route 1 pip
    9th ACC(The Solution To Entrapment Or Communication The STE)
    Phoenix Certification Course lectures
    Unification Congress Lectures(Communication Freedom & Ability)
    Universe Processes Congress Lectures
    4th London ACC
    Axiom of the Stable Datum
    Rehabilitating Power of Choice
    Anatomy of the Spirit of Man
    Game of OT
    15th ACC Power Of Simplicity
    Games_Congress Lectures
    London Congress On Human Problems Lectures
    The Organizational Series Lectures
    Washington Congress On Anti-Radiation And Confront Lectures
    16th ACC(The Anatomy of Cause)
    17th ACC
    London Congress On Nuc Radiation Control & Health
    19th ACC(Restoration of Knowing Cause-Clear To OT
    20 ACC
    Clearing Congress
    London Clearing Congress
    6th London ACC
    Melbourne Congress
    Responsibility And The State of OT Lectures(1st Melbourne ACC)
    Success Congress Lectures(Cause And The Spheres of Influence)
    Theta Clear Congress
    1st St Hill ACC
    Anatomy of The Human Mind Congress Lectures
    London Congress on Dissemination & Help
    State of Man Congress
    22nd ACC
    African Anatomy Congress
    Clean Hands Congress Lectures(Expansion of Havingness)
    South African ACC
    Clearing Success Congress
    Class VIII Auditor Course Lectures(Confidential)
    Flag Executive Briefing Course Lectures
    Establishment Officer Lectures
    Expanded Dian. Lectures
    A Series of Lectures on the Whole Track
    Class 5 Graduate Auditor Course lectures
    Classic lectures
    Creating A New Civilization Lectures(The Role of Scn Organizations)
    Creating The Second Dynamic Lectures
    Golden Dawn
    Money Tapes
    Personal Achievement Series (mp3)
    Pro TRs tapes
    PTS-SP Course Lectures(How To Confront And Shatter Suppression)
    Rons-Journals Tapes
  12. Algorithm Member

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  13. nonfza Member

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  14. ocean12 Member

    you keep on giving Algorithm thanks
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  15. Anonymous Member

    This^^^ these are only ones left
  16. Algorithm Member

    Ok. I'll zip 'em and pop them up when "Postulates and Live Communication" finishes uploading.
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  17. ocean12 Member

    anonymous completes library 2012
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Must have missed this. Not showing up in the search - can you direct me?
    I've been trying to do that. A few things have been leaked under their old name (eg: Western congress was leaked as a Phoenix congress). Will start a thread with what I have so far as a template.
  19. Anonymous Member

    brought leak forward but already dead.
  20. Anonymous Member

    I have my own chronological checksheets created starting in 1981 listing every lecture , and using every source including the current materials book.
    I show the following I don't have. May have been leaked but don't have a good link for it.

    Western Congress
    17th ACC (never saw leak matching released)
    Dear Alice
    Lindsey theater
    Golden dawn (leaked doesn't match c of s list)
    18th ACC

    There are also individual tapes here and there including a long list of LRH demos and public lectures not yet listed as being released.

    The staff R6 course lectures would be nice, as would the vitality RD lectures. (not ever shown as released).
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  21. Zhent Member

    I show the following leaked:

    3ACC (66 lectures/files, appears to be the new CD release)
    7ACC (20 lectures/files, MIXED source, NOT new release, not sure if complete)
    17ACC (18 lectures/files, tape, NOT new release, not sure if complete)
    Lindsey theater (5 lectures/files, tape, NOT new release, not sure if complete)

    I would advise Algorithm that if they have the complete new 2010 CD ACC set that they just leak everything to be sure LOL.
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  22. Algorithm Member

    Yeah. I'm putting them all up again. It's like Jenga.
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  23. Algorithm Member

    Ok. 6th American ACC should be up later today.
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