5 alleged Ddosers arrested in UK

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Jeff Jacobsen, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Miranda Member

    Correct--the site doesn't. Nor does this site "wink wink" or offer any protection to those who promote illegal activities. They do so at their own risk.
  2. mojo Member

    .......UPDATE: Following the arrest of five people in Britain in connection with the "Operation Payback" cyber-attacks in support of WikiLeaks, the FBI announced mass raids across the United States in connection with the case.
    "FBI agents today executed more than 40 search warrants throughout the United States as part of an ongoing investigation into recent coordinated cyber attacks against major companies and organizations," a bureau press release states.
  3. Herro Member

    Oh cry the fuck more.
  4. Herro Member

    Since when does free speech include making someone else's website inaccessible?
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  5. Miranda Member

    I'll do it because I want to, not because you told me to.
  6. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry. I meant, Miranda you're so compassionate. You're my role model.

  7. Anonymous Member

  8. missy Member

  9. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    The only sad part of this would be kids joining the Ddos without realizing the possible consequences. For that I blame anybody that promoted Ddosing without giving fair warning of the possible ramifications.
  10. ZeroC Member

  11. Anonymous Member
  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Learn to "or".
  13. missy Member

    I am under the impression that English is not your first language. Herro's point was on the mark. Your, shall we call it, rebuttal purports to address a point of logic when, in fact, the use of "or" is common among some English speakers to express "each of" when conversing informally.
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  14. Ann O'Nymous Member

    1. Herro i a troll. Thanks for defending its right to do so.
    2. The first quote makes its point clear, IMHO, even if in a lapidary way. Herro trolled the apparent contradiction. I trolled Herro. You come and pretend to give me English lessons - that I need anyhow - and you are not good at it (see my emphasis in your quote). Good job.
  15. missy Member

    Anonymous' two sentences combined constitute a perfectly clear sentiment that a native English speaker would understand. There is no apparent contradiction.

    Herro, whether a troll or not and whether trolling or not, expressed a perfectly valid criticism of Anonymous' sentiment.

    Some English speakers express themselves formally (e.g., I shall return momentarily.) Some English speakers express themselves employing a rough vernacular (e.g., Back in two shakes of a lamb's tail.) Effective communication can occur using either format. Even should you find my explanations unhelpful, rest assured they are well-intentioned.
  16. Ann O'Nymous Member

    You have all what is needed to be a troll. Welcome to the club.
  17. Anonymous Member

    SMB rules.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    Who made someone else's website inaccessible?
    They merely sent little messages to the website. That's a legitimate form of free speech and it's perfectly legal in most countries of the world.
  20. Anonymous Member

    It's like thousands of people call a company to complain about its business practices and the company as a consequence can't receive phone calls from other people, because the telephone is constantly busy.
    It's exactly the same.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I'm sure interrupting bank systems for a day did absolutely nothing to compromise business... You guys act like all they did was take down websites for a little bit. That's really not just what happened here.
  22. Herro Member

    There's a difference between sending "little messages" and bombarding a site with bogus requests for info in an effort to take it down- which is most certainly not legal. Come on, don't be ignorant.
  23. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Nice speculation.
  24. Herro Member

    Look it up, Frenchie.
  25. It is illegal in the US, and the UK to intentionally make a website inaccessible unless you have permission to do so.
  26. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Nice trolling.

    That's better. References would be nicer. Herro's words will then be downgraded from speculation to gross over-generalization.
  27. Herro Member

    Ann, DDoS is illegal in the UK. That's not really over-generalization. Now shut up and kiss me my love.
  28. Ann O'Nymous Member

    So far, two countries have been mentioned, without proper references. That is like 190-ish countries to go. Do something useful...
  29. Herro Member

    This thread was about British citizens being arrested in the UK. Last time I checked, UK law applies in the UK...
  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

    US and Australia were mentioned early in the thread. AFAIU, the post(s) you quoted were making general statements and were not mentioning any country. And I am still interested in the references.
  31. Herro Member

    The reference is the laws of the UK. Didn't I tell you to shut up and kiss me?
  32. You're nitpicking. The thread is about people in the UK being arrested. The post that started the discussion was talking about people being arrested. It isn't a huge leap to assume he was talking about the same people everyone else was.
  33. Fuckeye Member

    I dunno who you were all on about, I was talking about me.
  34. Herro Member

    Get out of here. I'm trying to seduce Ann and you're blowing up my spot.
  35. Fuckeye Member

    SMB rules apply.
  36. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I disagree, but will stop mentioning it. And if you could use some of your pare time to provide the reference of the statements you made, it would be very nice of you.
    Remember: SMB rules still apply.
    Thanks for your support.
  37. Anonymous Member

    I am not disputing that it is illegal in some countries, i am merely saying that it shouldn't be illegal.
    What is the difference to my telephone analogy above?
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. It's a bullshit analogy. A bunch of people calling all at once does not make it impossible for anyone to call.

    Not to mention you can't call a phone number 10 times per second.

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