4Chan Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by KittyKatSpanker, May 6, 2017.

  1. Well I came to the Scientology protest scene by an Australian girl from Brisbane named 'Cat' I met her on Vampirefreaks and she directed me to /b/

    4Chan is the reason this forum exists

    MOD EDIT: NSFW image removed, tsk tsk kks upstairs?...really? :rolleyes:
  2. White Tara Global Moderator

    Is 4chan today the same as the 4chan back then?
  3. Yes it resembles the comments section on Bretitbart(news)

    Nothing to see there.
  4. It went off the boil about 6 years ago and hasn't recovered since.
  5. Infinity chan is the best chan. /pol is the new /b.
  6. It'll never be anything else but a temporary on trend shit storm.
  7. Chaotic good.
  8. Still shit.
  9. /pol if you are intellectually challenged is the place to go . There's nothing of worth there that stimulates the mind or changes your thoughts toward a higher learning curve.
    It's like the pizza you order in full of fat and carbs but no real decent content ,

    It's pap , first last and always will be.
    Great if you believe in Siberian unicorns though.
  10. There's still a large quantity of questionable content in it including cheese pizza.
    Some folks like that sort of thing. Fucking sickos.
  11. Pedos are pedos and they'll justify themselves any which way and get their material from any source available into the bargain and if / pol is hosting that type of stuff then pedos will click there by the millions.
    And then declare it's not their fault because the material shouldn't be so readily available conveniently forgetting that if they didn't have a taste for it there wouldn't be a supply to meet​ their sickening tastes or demand.
  12. c0c

  13. Deflection is one way of not facing up to the truth at hand.
  14. c0c

  15. Big question is she a pedo who views images on / pol ?
  16. White Tara Global Moderator

    Is this the famous 'fake news' dissemination everyone talks about?
  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Sounds like eh.
  18. /pol is weaponized autism , this is true. However cheese pizza isn't allowed at all. When it's posted it's usually a butthurt fagget trying to be edgy.
  19. Bol

    4chan is the place to be if you enjoy reactionary bullcrap , your mom ,/ sister/ daughter/ gf/ wife getting pleasured by the family dog or even the tits of a 12yro on display.
    That's just the tip of a giant iceberg of utter drek you have to wade through to find a single thread worth reading.
    Who needs that shit unless you're a sick dick.
  20. White Tara Global Moderator

    Ah, so nothing has truly changed, good to know.
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  21. 4chan ;-) Trust no 1

    Lol (!) Anon ? My Email address is availlaible !


    Soon HACKtivist !

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  22. Twats abound!
  23. Is that an onion icon? Onion soup! Good!
  24. xander meehan Member

    Tara... its good to see you're still around.
  25. xander meehan Member

    To damn funny.... butt hurt faggets... to funny... lololololo
  26. xander meehan Member

    To damn funny.......lololololololol...hahahahahaha
  27. xander meehan Member

    Absolutely positively correct...

    What most people do not understand is that when Anonymous launched, it was through the channers... The whole movement was disseminated from the channers... I know this factually. It never meant that Anonymous was based upon faggotry.... What is was used for was to light a fire.... like with a blow torch and gasoline... Anonymous wasn't really about the channers, but was really about forcing the information to go VIRAL at an extremely high velocity. It really worked well..... like a very short fuze connected to a pile of dyno....mite... bang bang boom boom done done

    But you're all correct... there are very very very very very disturbing things on the channers.

  28. xander meehan Member

    Using the Channers made it utterly impossible to track anyone or anything, posts, songs, videos, meetings, contacts, protest times and locations, small group organizers, etc. ... literally anything .... oh for the GOOD OLE DAYS...
  29. xander meehan Member

    it was very easy to fuck with the Scienos, I mean really fuck with them, and very hard for them to fuck with Anonymous
    It was a one shot deal.... then....
  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi xander
  31. She disappeared and nobody cared or noticed, you're replying to a post that's over a year old.
  32. Was she your bff?
  33. Could be she can't afford the Australian internets :( they're pricey here. :(:(:(
    Just sayin'
  34. Alternatively she might be as bored shitless with the place as the rest of us and she's deserted it for more entertaining places like Tony O or ESMB or who the fuk cares anyway.

    She was a pompous know it all at the best of times and patronising with it.

    Nothing was lost as they say.
  35. [IMG]

    She was and still is a windbag.
  36. xander meehan Member

    Kitty... whats happening... good to see you around

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