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    4/19 FLASH MOB


    Forgive me, hh123, for attempting to hijack your date and time, but I would like to propose a flash mob scenario for it. I am of the opinion that these flyering sessions are next-to-useless, in that they aren't doing much considering the effort expended. I believe a move to a flash-mob tactic is much better.

    Anonymous is currently on the fence in public opinion because all the public sees of us is a bunch of guys in masks bitching out the orgs, and all they're hearing from news is that a group of individuals are protesting the church -- few of our salient points are being reported on, just the "we did this at there" part. Flash-mobbing is going to fix that because the point is the "we did this at there", no more, no less.

    Also, I haven't been on the *chans in a while, but going to 711 and Freechan to proliferate the link to the scientology promo DVD (the lower-size version is being ripped at the moment, by the by -- it's just taking seven years to convert, apparently), and I noticed a thread about scientology flamed because "anonymous doesn't protest. It goes in and crushes all opposition or it doesn't." or something to that effect. I figure it will rekindle the old anonymous to join with the new anonymous, or at least make us look and feel like the group we should be. The glacial, limited, planned movement It's just not us.

    So yes. Flash mob. The idea is to meet very rapidly, do something, and leave rapidly, all without any apparent pre-coordination. I've got a plan.

    Saturday at 1, like hh123 suggested. More than five people to pull this off (I'm looking at you, all those who weren't there for Caturday II).

    Line up at Dundas Square. Literally. Do not congregate and wait for orders, fall into two ranks. Soundboy and I will head the two lines. From there, we march up the west side of Yonge to the scientology org, and then we circle the block. All the while, we are humming "The Ants Go Marching One By One." Large signs would be a bad idea. Small ones advertising our info sites, and nothing else. No memes, no "it's a cult". This isn't going to be a mini-protest, this is an advertising bombing run. Bring a mask. When we go past the scientology building, wave at the nice people inside.

    Eventually we'll make our way back to Dundas Square, where we will disperse.

    The whole thing will take half an hour, tops, and I believe it will be more effective at garnering attention and getting the public interested in anonymous than flyering Dundas Square every day until May 10th.

    Flash mob, guys. Let's do this in true Anonymous fashion.
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    Re: 4/19 FLASH MOB

    Someone has started a failbook event:

    Login | Facebook

    40 people confirmed for brawl. 200+ maybes.

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