380 'Scientologists' in East Grinstead

Discussion in 'Media' started by TrevAnon, Jan 30, 2015.

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    Wow, more than I thought.
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    It's booming!
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    This was published today:

    Church of Scientology to open large book store in East Grinstead | East Grinstead Courier

    The Church of Scientology has confirmed it is planning to open a book store in the empty shop previously occupied by Blockbuster.

    The large unit at 1 Whitehall Parade, on London Road, has been empty since the film rental chain went into administration and closed the branch at the end of 2013.

    A sign has been put up this week saying the site is "under offer" prompting speculation online about who is moving in. A spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology has confirmed it is planning to open a book shop at that location.

    The rent for 1 Whitehall Parade is thought to be very high with East Grinstead Business Association chief executive Stuart Scholes explaining that two "big retailers" have previously turned their noses up at the unit because of the cost.

    Source, and open comments:
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  5. ksYroU1.jpg

    One long obsolete organization taking the place of another obsolete organization. It's like poetry.
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's a follow-up article from today:

    Business leaders welcome Subway's plan to move to town, and Scientology book shop at key site | East Grinstead Courier

    Sandwich chain Subway is "actively looking" to open a store in East Grinstead, and the vacant former Blockbuster unit will soon have a surprise new tenant. The fast-food firm has published on its website a list of locations in the south east where it wants to either move to for the first time or open new branches. A spokeswoman for the chain said a location has not yet been secured but they are "actively looking" in the town and are "very excited to be coming to the area in the near future".

    The appearance last week of an "under offer" sign on the vacant unit in London Road previously occupied by Blockbuster fuelled speculation online that Subway could be moving in there. But a spokeswoman for the Church Of Scientology revealed on Thursday that the group plans to open a book shop there.

    Stuart Scholes, chief executive of East Grinstead Business Association, welcomed both bits of news and revealed some "big retailers" have turned down the Blockbuster site because of the amount of rent which would have to be paid.

    He said: "Subway have been looking for a while and have looked at one or two places which have been too small. "They have talked to the owners of the Olive Grove who own two units next door to them. I did hear they were looking at the Blockbuster site but that is a very large site. "There have been a couple of big retailers who have turned it down because it cost too much."


    Mr Scholes said that while the rent at the Blockbuster site may be high, he believes the Church of Scientology will have the ability to make it viable. He said: "First of all I think it's most important that it does get filled. It's a very important site and I am keen to see the shops down near the traffic lights and the other side of the lights being filled. "It makes no difference to me who occupies it and the Church of Scientology tend to do things very well."

    What do you think about the book shop and Subway moving to town? E-mail your views to
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    East Grinstead seems as happy about their Subway as Clearwater did over their Starbucks.

    Only people living in a cult death zone would think that two chains as common as bed bugs and cockroaches are a big deal.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    The cult seems like they can't get enough of her:

    Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 14.47.02.png

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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    Church of Scientology no longer pursuing idea of opening bookshop in East Grinstead | East Grinstead Courier

    A plan to open a Church of Scientology bookshop in East Grinstead is "not being pursued at this time" according to a spokesman for the church.

    The religious group had been looking into opening a store in the town and were believed to be the proposed tenants for the former Blockbuster store on London Road, at which an "under offer" sign appeared over the past could of weeks.

    The prime retail unit has been empty since the film rental chain went into administration and shut stores nationwide.

    A Church of Scientology spokesman said today that, while there had been an interest in establishing a bookshop in the town, the idea is no longer being pursued, but he did not specify why.

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  10. DeathHamster Member

    But East Grinstead gets to keep the Subway right?
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  11. BigBeard Member

    Simple, with only 380 $cilons they can't afford the rent deposit, never mind the monthly rent.

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  12. DeathHamster Member

    And St Hill is already depending on those book sales to keep their lights on. (Plus when people come in to buy a book, they can reg them.)
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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's a new documentary about the cult in East Grinstead that's worth watching:

    The Town Run By Scientology | Tom Hawney

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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    'Our council is not run by the Church of Scientology' stresses East Grinstead council leader | Surrey Mirror


    The leader of East Grinstead Town Council has responded to claims the "town is run by Scientology" made by university students in a 15 minute video by stressing this is "misinformed an unhelpful to say the least".

    The video titled 'The Town Run By Scientology' was uploaded to YouTube on March and has been shared on social media since, resulting in council leader Jacquie Russell addressing it during a full council meeting on Monday (April 3).

    In the film, the presenter who goes by the name of Monty Wilson, speaks to somebody claiming to have been a scientologist for 20 years before leaving and a taxi driver working in the area who said he had been harassed by members of the church.

    Mr Wilson accuses councillors gifts from the Church of Scientology - which has its UK headquarters at Saint Hill on the edge of East Grinstead - and the council of going "far too easy" in allowing planning work to go ahead.

    At the meeting, Cllr Russell said it is "categorically untrue" to suggest the "council turns a blind eye to anything the scientologists do for fear of upsetting them".

    In the video Mr Wilson said: "The Church of Scientology continues to operate from Saint Hill Manor with few repercussions.

    "The lack of response from both the scientologists and the council, make me feel that this mutual silence might be in both their interests."

    In response to the claims made in the video, Cllr Russell said: " felt it appropriate to address a couple of elements directed at the council and councillors and their conduct.

    "It is suggested in the documentary, that there is the perception that the council is 'far too easy' on the scientologists and in terms of its [the council's] lack of contribution to the documentary is 'keeping quiet' because it is in its best interests to do so.

    "The documentary refers in particular to the number of charitable donations councillors have accepted on behalf of good causes in the town, and the perception that because these donations are received, the council turns a blind eye to anything the scientologists do for fear of upsetting them which is categorically untrue.

    "The council has no jurisdiction over the conduct of the Church of Scientology or any other organisation in the town, it can only address concerns as and when they apply."

    Cllr Russell made it clear that councillors do receive donations for good causes and said: "it is important to be aware that a number of these causes would not survive in this town without such charitable donations, as there are very few funding opportunities through more traditional channels."

    She added: "It is without question that the good causes of this town do receive financial assistance from the town's largest resident and like any charitable donor this is acknowledged in the appropriate way.

    "Perhaps more important to acknowledge is that our town council is not run by the Church of Scientology, it is run solely by the officers who are employed and instructed by the elected members who in turn are voted in by the town people – that is the reality."

    A scene in the video depicts works being carried out at a Scientology owned property within the Saint Hill Green area and it was implied that it was a regular occurrence for the Church of Scientology to disregard the planning process.

    Regarding this, Cllr Russell said: "The property featured is subject to a planning application which was originally submitted in September 2016 and initially refused by the town planning committee.

    "It returned again on the January 23, 2017. As chairman of planning, I have personally addressed the many concerns of local residents particularly relating to the level of impartiality that could be expected.

    "They [concerned residents] were invited to attend the meeting and sit in the public gallery, to witness first hand the thorough scrutiny by the committee members and clear impartiality of process in an open and accountable manner.

    "The committee were not in support of [the works] retrospective nature, nor the impact any approval would have upon the immediate community in terms of loss of amenity and road safety and as such the application received a further recommendation for refusal and is now waiting to be scrutinised again at the district council before a final decision is reached."

    Cllr Russell stated there is "often a vast chasm" between public perception and the reality of the day to day running of the council.

    "Documentaries such as this are one sided, misinformed and unhelpful to say the least," she added and invited residents to attend any of 35 plus public meetings held each year to understand how the council is run.

    More at
  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Student film gets East Grinstead Council riled up

    By Tony Ortega, April 7, 2017


    A few days ago, several of our correspondents forwarded to us a short student film that had been made about East Grinstead, the English town where Scientology’s UK headquarters is located at Saint Hill Manor, where L. Ron Hubbard lived from 1959 to 1967.

    We thought it was a very well put together video. The students who shot and edited it clearly had excellent skills as filmmakers. We did have a few concerns about how Scientology was characterized and some of the conclusions that the film came to, and so we decided not to write anything about it here. But it still had a very legitimate central thesis: How much influence does Scientology have on the leaders of the local town?

    That question turned out to rile up the council itself, which denied that it was too friendly to Scientology at a public meeting on Monday, which the Surrey Mirror reported on.

    But then the council proceeded to explain why the students were, in fact, asking exactly the right questions.

    In the film, for example, ex-Scientologist Stephen Jones shows the filmmakers where Scientologists had planted trees next to the road that faces the entrance to Saint Hill Manor. Planting the trees there was purely strategic — they block off the verge on the side of the road where protestors might stand. With the trees in the way, protestors would have to stand in the roadway itself and face arrest (or injury).

    Asked about that the questions in the film the East Grinstead Council on Monday gave the most pathetic response imaginable. Yes, they admitted, the Church of Scientology had unilaterally cut down trees for a carpark last year without permission, and then applied for permission after the fact, which is what Scientology often does (and usually gets away with). The town council indicated that it had rejected the church’s plan in September 2016 and again in January 2017, but that it still required “a further recommendation for refusal and is now waiting to be scrutinised again at the district council before a final decision is reached.”

    Yeah, real terrors they are. In the meantime, Scientology gets what it wants, and continues to ply the councillors with charity donations, which the council defended because Scientology is one of the largest entities in town. (Our readers in England point out that the town council on its own can only make recommendations, and that it’s the responsibility of district councils to take action on planning matters. So we’ll cut the town some slack on that until we learn more.)

    In other words, the questions the students were raising were spot on. But alas, the video itself has been taken down, whether from legal threats by the town or by the church, we don’t know. If you know the students who made the film, tell them we’d like to hear about it.

    Until then, East Grinstead will continue to stand up to the Church of Scientology with impressive fortitude.

  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    We are the IAS

    By Tony Ortega, October 8, 2017


    Thanks to our tipsters for sending in various images that Scientologists posted to social media from Friday night’s big IAS annual gala in East Grinstead, England. Our correspondents who were on the ground outside Saint Hill Manor and who have been watching this event for years tell us that from counting cars and the people in them, their samples were way down from previous years, and they estimated an attendance of only about 1,000 — a shockingly low number, if true. Scientology itself is claiming 5,000 under its giant tent which, given their past record for exaggeration, does point to a serious downturn this year. Still, the images look like a posh party was put on, if you enjoy sitting through a 2-hour David Miscavige speech.

    Continued at
  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Backlash over NHS gift from Scientologists | The Argus


    A donation of £50,000 from the Church of Scientology to an NHS hospital has been heavily criticised.

    Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) is based in East Grinstead, where the US-based church has its UK headquarters.
    Former Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb was furious about the donation.

    He said: “It is completely inappropriate for an NHS trust to accept funds from this organisation.”

    The QVH, which is renowned for its reconstructive surgery and care for burns sufferers, previously turned down a donation from the church in 1994.

    A hospital spokeswoman confirmed its official charity had received the £50,000 from members of the church in October.

    She said: “The decision to accept this donation has been considered in the context of all relevant guidelines.

    “As with all donations, it will be included in the QVH charity accounts which are submitted to the Charity Commission.”


    Mr Lamb said his particular concern was about the impact of the church’s activities on people’s mental health.

    He said: “Their secrecy and their refusal to be challenged or questioned is deeply disturbing.

    “It’s a sign of the intense pressure that the NHS is under that this trust decided to reverse its policy of not accepting donations.”

    The Department of Health said trusts managed their own resources. Queen Victoria is also a foundation trust which gives it greater freedom from the department.

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  19. hey sabine what about your french debts toward justice your 15000 or 20000 euros didn't pay all of it maybe did you yet ?

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