31 July 2010. Harrisburg,PA Westboro

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    31 July 2010. Harrisburg,PA Westboro

    Anonymous verses Westboro
    Greetings all, this is anonymous.
    While the major thrust of our protests are directed against the diabolical aspects of the hierarchy of the cult of $cientology, the hateful actions of Westboro baptist Cult against gays and lesbians has not escaped our notice. Nor have your godless actions against the fallen of our proud military and the defilement of their tragic funerals, bringing pain to their families and friends with your message of hate and intolerance.
    Anonymous supports the actions of peaceful groups such as Silent Witness, a non protest group who act as silent vigils between you and your intended victims.
    We how ever are not silent witness.
    We mock your perversion of a loving God, those in anonymous who espouse a living God.
    we mock your hate asAgnostics
    as Pagans
    as Atheists
    as Buddhists
    as Jews
    as Wiccans
    as Christians

    We stand as not silent reminders that while we strive to end the cult of destruction known as $cientology, your actions have not escaped our notice
    We know that your hateful mindless drones will be at

    31 July — 31 July 2010. Harrisburg, USA

    spewing your venom

    and we will stand by our Silent neighbors in a bond against your hate

    exposing your weakness

    your ignorance

    your crimes

    we are anonymous

    we do not forget

    we do not forgive

    we are legion

    expect us

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