30 July San Francisco: The Do Over Protest

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by adhocrat, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. adhocrat Member

    Moog and i got there about 6 pm, set up and started the pillage. Then Tulu, Luna, Rusty and Vin showed up to join in the fun. We stayed until 9:30 then off for pizza and more fun.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Who are all those people coming inside? Are they public? There are quite a bit of them [as opposed to in DC in Sparrow's videos].
  3. Anonymous Member

    Ok, I now know you don't call me anymore :( Let me know about the next one Adhoc.
  4. Anonymous Member

    And where was MoarXenu?
  5. adhocrat Member

    It was an 'Event' Saturday night, and we estimated there were maybe a third as many people as came to the first iteration two weeks ago.

    There were many familiar faces. The scilon handler doormen knew ALL the people who passed through the doors, so no unexpected people dropped by for a visit.
    Sparrow worked at DC and was on lines there, none of us worked at SF so it's hard for us to say which are staff and which are public.

    I do know they are not happy with us being there.

    The policeman was not at all happy with the scilons. They kept insisting we were the hackers who had done something, I never did read their flier, and the cop kept telling them "No, they are NOT the droids you are looking for" and made it stick. Not that the scilons will ever believe it. We are criminals by definition.

    One of the signs the handlers in Clearwater had when Xander was there said "I don't doubt, I know" and that is the defining method used by any cult member in good standing. Don't ever examine your beliefs, that way lies confusion and madness.

    I had to shut off my critical thinking facilities while in the cult, Fortunately, I got out before it became an ingrained habit. My whim of steel saved me from a very bad fate.
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  6. Exponential Member

    beautiful day or trolling and dancing. id say ur estimation is correct, the do-over was fail as far attendance. some IAS jackets, but not near the # of scilons as intial maiden voyage event. downstat. keep raeping those faggots till they all kick rocks adhocrat!

    we went back on Sunday morning, a man asked us if he could go inside and pray.. ya know, a church, sunday? he enters the morg and exits 5 mins later w a dvd, we're thinking LRHtech. nope. says they tried to give him a movie, so he showed them his (a hawt gangbang porn from broadway) and split, happy and Co$ free
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  7. Anonymous Member

    This was sooooooooooooooo not a flash raid. Completely posted on Chanology SF. Next one is this Sat. Aug. 6th at 6. tell them PTS sent you.
  8. skeptic2girl Member

    thank you for posting the video adhocrat! past my bedtime - have not watched it yet, but v. much looking forward to it!
    btw, wasn't there another femanon at the raid? ;)
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  9. skeptic2girl Member

    oh, bedtime-schmedd time. of COURSE I watched it. very happy you got the stuff on vid -- plus, love how you do that little thingy at the end the video -- kind of the fake-out fade out... super extra bonus points for capturing goatse being his usual creepy self...

    Pts: Isn't there a thread here, something about "what will it take for you to stop protesting?" well, if goatse takes one of my cupcaeks, I'll still keep protesting but I will think of that thread.

    However, he was so creepy at that last raid, I'm done offering that scilon cupcakes...
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  10. Exponential Member

    lol Billy Goatse
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  11. Anonymous Member

    he was missed
  12. skeptic2girl Member

    Wow. That DC org must be deserted. Turn-out at SF Do-over was meager...

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