26 Page New Yorker article about Paul Haggis and scientology Possible FBI investigation

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. 3rdMan Member

    Their balls dropped off?
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  2. Mark Cabian Member

    Well, hello, VC! Yeah, my palm and forehead were getting pretty sweaty ... nice to get some fresh air on my forehead.
  3. exOT8Michael Member

    That is an amazing video. It is an accurate portrayal of the abusive nature of Scientology.
    I experienced it too over 24 years, and reached a higher level than Paul Haggis.
    My own (wayyyy too long) story is at
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  4. Anonymous Member

    You are wrong. Luanne is Pooks.

    Prove me wrong.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Louanne pooks Herro.
  6. bAnon Member

    Thanks SG - I had to go back and watch that epic Lauer/Cruise interview ( )

    my fav part is at 5:25 where TC says: "....if I want to know something, I'll go and find out about it..."
  7. Anonymous Member

    an Herro is an hermaphrodite - so y'all suck cocks
  8. exOT8Michael Member

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  9. Triumph Member

  10. subgenius Member

    And if you read it, it is classic Fair Game (disclosing what they think is damaging information).... and always attack never defend.
    Oh, and footbullet, as good people will come to Paul's defense.
  11. Anonymous Member

    The Scilon doing a lot of cut and paste in the comments sections dismissing the article really shows their tactics.

    Go to and search for +tabloid +scientology and select "Past 24 hours"

    There is the same "This article is another thinly veiled tabloid piece repeating old and new rumors from people with an axe to grind with the Church of Scientology. ..." comment on at least 7 different sites. Well funny.
  12. Triumph Member

    thats Louanne..she does that when she avoids reality
  13. bAnon Member

    "The FBI is probing allegations of human trafficking and enslavement in the celeb-magnet Church of Scientology, according to a blockbuster New Yorker article."

    So wrong, and yet, so awesome. For once, I'm enjoying the media distortion.
  14. subgenius Member

    The ability to grasp two opposite concepts at the same time,
    the ability to understand that not much is only one thing or the other,
    the ability to refrain from interrupting one's opponent when they are making a mistake:

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  15. Orson Member

    LOL WuT?

    Wright explicitly states that he recently spoke with his FBI contacts and the investigation remains open and ongoing.

    And, who gives a flying fuck how well or unwell we appear in the article? I think it's funny that the only reason we appear in the article is because scientology keeps trying to smear Jeff Hawkins for associating with us. That has happened several times now....if they would stop "smearing" Jeff with this hollow accusation, we wouldn't show up at all in a lot of the press, which is fine.

    We're not here to get credit for anything.
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  16. Did I read on one of these threads that this is the first article in a series, or did I just imagine that?
  17. subgenius Member

    Thank you Masked Man.
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  18. parvent Member

    The FBI denied an investigation back in 1991 after the Richard Behar Time magazine article. Don't hold out too much hope that they will do their job. Senator Chuck Grassley also investigated and found nothing that a evangelical religion peer review couldn't address.

    No, what's really interesting is the FBI suspects they have a Scientology infiltrator inside the FBI. I can confirm that they suspected this...they searched my house without a warrant back in 2002 using the Patriot Act, apparently.
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  19. Herro Member

    wait, the feds are investigating the Church? damn
  20. CarltonBANKS Member

    The FBI (obviously) have more tools at their disposal - like surveillance.
    • Think: OSA on steroids. ;)
    If Amnesty pursued them, they would do a Paulette Cooper on their directors :(. It would be a cinch for them to infiltrate and cause havoc. Less trivial to do the same with the FBI.
  21. Enturbulette Member

    But the question remains, how could Haggis be in a cult for 3 decades, and not know it...never question the money he shelled out, never realize his daughter was illiterate, never read an article about the abuses of Sea Org, never go online and find out about RPF, never question how the buildings got fabulously refinished on slave labor, never question the money Miscavage threw around...And he is one of Hollywood's best and brightest?

    I think Scientology thrives in Hollywood because of the ego-centric materialistic selfish me first attitude of the town, the entertainment industry and especially actors. Scientology really is starting to become an indictment of Hollywood. Spielberg allowed Cruise to promote Scientology on a set? What if you complained would you be blackballed from the industry? Isn't that illegal?
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Don't hold your breath where the FBI is concerned. All of the info that's been spoon fed to the FBI for many years (even before Project Chanology) is more than enough for them to sweep in and stop this evil cult and yet all we have is an open investigation. Trust me when I say that I'm shocked that there is an open investigation. Ongoing? We'll see.

    I'd prefer not to just have a few paragraphs saying that there have been arrests, etc. and we're cyber terrorists with nothing to back up all the hard fucking work we've done for free to stop this cult. I don't really want credit, I'd just like a snippet rebutting a mini-smearing. But, don't worry. We'll keep on keeping on.
  23. Herro Member

    If you think that a law enforcement agency wouldn't jump at the chance to put down a high profile slam dunk case, then you don't know law enforcement. Maybe your spoonfeeding wasn't as good as you think it is.
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. slvfree Member

    This is a great reason for more of us to look in to slavery. 27 million slaves in the world. Start with Co$ and lets stop a real injustice!
  26. AnubisMTL Member

    I so *ucking love this, right now. So DM, how your victory party over Anonymous feels in a jail cell?
    Inb4 COS and DM claims it's all lies
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  27. subgenius Member

    Anon obviously doesn't know law enforcement, like those who do.
    Anon is glib.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Fucking seriously?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, because no one thought to contact the feds until the wikileaks thing.
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  30. Sponge Member

    Well if you can buy the New Yorker in the UK and if it isn't a special pantywaist version with a replacement article about bunnies then I don't see why the Daily Fail shouldn't print theirs
    You can buy single issues of the New Yorker from It is the Feb 14th issue you want. It will be available on the 9th Feb and if ordered now will be dispatched on 10th Feb. Price £5.69 (there may be UK postage on top of that).

    Also The Independent and the Telegraph have run articles on this too.
  31. Etain Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    Yes because it wasn't meant to be a joke at all.
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Budd Member

  35. Orson Member

    It is the first part of a book being written by Wright.

    Regarding the FBI investigation and the above comments regarding failed past efforts and not holding your breath. Comparing past events to today is false equivalency. Many things have changed since the events mentioned. With regard to scientology, the volume of ex members available to speak out about the abuse and corroborate their claims is much greater now than then.

    It is also significant to note that this is an FBI investigation into human trafficking and not into tax evasion, etc. That is the game changing part of this.

    Less than 24 hours after finally learning that the FBI is indeed investigating the cult and after 3 years of waiting for that confirmation, I'm particularly pleased that the human trafficking issue is the one being used here because it can unravel the entire thing. It's the perfect string to pull.

    Standard disclaimer: nothing is finished here; it's not over yet. blah blah blah
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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Consensus Member

    The best part is how little effort it takes from us to push this anymore. Used to be there'd be one article about Scientology and we'd spam it EVERYWHERE hoping it would go viral.

    This thing lands, it's already saturated the media before we're done reading it.

    How's /that/ for 'fabian.'
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  38. bAnon Member

    As Orson also states that it is potentially a book in the works, I believe this a 'double issue' of Yorker, hence it would normally be a 2 part article. cocks and all...

    also, how do we multi quote previous posts now with this slick new interface?
  39. Etain Member

    I agree. Everything I've read about Hollywood suggests this mindset. The people in Hollywood have an ego-drive. They think being in the spotlight makes them superior, more knowledgeable, 'special'. As compared to the rest of the populace. They are self-deluding. At the end of the day, they're people and they screw up. And it's worse when it's in the public eye. Therefore, they need constant reassurance.
  40. Anonymous Member

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