26 Page New Yorker article about Paul Haggis and scientology Possible FBI investigation

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Triumph Member

    The Hollywood Reporter chose a different angle on the story "On Travolta feeling up Marlon Brando"
    Josh Brolin Recalls 'Bizarre' Moment Watching John Travolta Practice Scientology on Marlon Brando
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  2. moarxenu Member

    Lawrence Wright has the right background to expose the cult. His book The Looming Tower is the best thing out there on al-Qaeda. What a great Third Anoniversary present.
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  3. Sponge Member

  4. Triumph Member

  5. Sponge Member

  6. xenubarb Member

    I like to pull little weird shit out, like the following:
    So, here you have deeply indoctrinated adherents who have undergone a lot of mental processing and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars...

    And they wind up in a train station trying to control passing strangers with their mind. Yeah, that's a "world without insanity" all right!

    There are crazy homeless people in train stations who do that too. The big difference is, they didn't pay anything for that ability.
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  7. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I wonder if Amnesty International will feel a bit embarassed if the FBI charges Co$ with human trafficking? Many people tried to get them interested in this with no results.
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  8. DeathHamster Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    I stand corrected. He was so vehement in his videos that I assumed he left in 2008.
  10. Cudgel Member

  11. Etain Member

  12. Sponge Member

    Movieline has this cute little rundown of.....
    The 13 Most Intriguing Revelations of The New Yorker’s Paul Haggis/Scientology Expose
    I'll quote the titles and you can go to the link for the text.....
    1. Paul Haggis is a Hell of a Fund-Raiser…
    2. …But Wasn’t an Especially Good Kid
    3. John Travolta Apparently Healed Marlon Brando
    4. An Epic Intervention Almost Derailed The Next Three Days
    5. Haggis Never Read DIanetics — and O.T. III Was “Madness”
    6. We Were Thisclose to A Haggis/Hubbard Screenwriting Collaboration
    7. And There’s a Haggis-Directed Scientology Commercial Somewhere
    8. Don’t Compare David Miscavige to Martin Luther King Jr
    9. David Miscavige’s Wife Has “Disappeared”
    10. “Blowing” is Hard
    11. Tommy Davis is a Staggering Liar
    12. An E-Meter is Basically a Scale for Your Brain
    13. Haggis Doubts the Church is Through With Him
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  13. Miranda Member

    #13 and #9 are especially gratifying. Nice to see Shelly Miscavige get some notice. And Tommy Davis, of course.
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  14. Sponge Member

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  15. Triumph Member

    Hey Smurf!!!Davy saw him first..

    He got a Galactic Confedracy Tat...Hes Hubbards Biotch!

    Louanne is trollin for over time on the Village Voice piece.

    a cut and paste job

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  16. bAnon Member

    I love you Anne, here comes your close up!
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  17. Sponge Member

    The New Yorker The Front Row blog
    Screen Idols
    Posted by Richard Brody

  18. exOT8Michael Member

    I am thinking this is a gift for Lisa McPherson's birthday on Feb 10th. :))
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  19. Etain Member

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  20. Triumph Member

    some good stuff pointed out in the Atlantic wire!
    Maybe the FBI will make you disclose that Info Tommy now that your on record.

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  21. Etain Member

  22. Intelligence Member

    We sent them a large file complaint quite some time ago. Some law student Anon friends delivered it
    to them in person here in Canada. They had dox already and adding mine to the pile. They could be
    acting, but we don't know it yet.

    I think they act. Just my opinion.

    Now DM can have a huge meal of, "eating his words of Victory over Anonymous."

    I hope the FBI probes far up DM's Arse. He may as well get used to having his oricle stretched, if he's heading to jail,..., LOL
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  23. bAnon Member

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  24. amaX Member

    DAY 1,759

    Thank you Lawrence Wright and The New Yorker for this brilliant article.
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  25. Sponge Member

    If people are going to poon then they should keep on dragging the argument back to facts of the article rather than playing their misdirection game and getting wrapped up in tit-for-tat.
    If the scilons realise everytime they post that it tends to result in having more home truths dragged out in front of the world then they'll largely fuck off, or drive themselves into new depths of keyboard-mashing batshit insanity and self-abuse.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Big Pharma conspiracy comment on the New Yorker article
    They're not exactly bringing out their A-game these days
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  27. Cheappassion Member

    I chatted with BFG in December. He fortold of a comming shit storm to arrive in January. Well, January came and went. I was verily dissapoint.
    Justice delayed is JUSTICE!
    Take care, BFG.
    Love ya, brotha.
  28. Cheappassion Member

    Oh, HAI Louanne. :)
    Busy much?
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  29. Triumph Member

    Today Show clip in case you missed it.
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  30. WagTheWog Member

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  31. 3rdMan Member

    Best Monday ever.
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  32. Enturbulette Member

    Just very happy to see this article and share the hard ons and happy dances happening here. As good as it was, I felt it was a little soft on Hubbard's early career, leaving out known incidents of abandonment and abuse to his wives and stealing the rocket scientists' boat for example. The emphasis and investigation on Hubbard's lies regarding his dismal military history pretty much made up for that.

    I would in my dreams like to see a good investigative piece on exactly who/what at the IRS takes some of the profits from the worldwide publication of Scientology materials, and the "church status" deal that the IRS made with $catology. Love to see the Teabaggers get riled up over that.
  33. Cheappassion Member

    Can I "Like" this twice?
  34. xenubarb Member

    What if the moon falls out of the sky?
    What if roaches evolve a hive mind?
    What if you SCOHB?
  35. Anonymous Member

    nah... DM will self pwn before going to wog prison. That's for unclears and other such scum. No way DM will go there by himself
  36. subgenius Member

    When I saw that I was gonna post how it would have greater impact (with the general public) than the original story.
    Matt was a little glib though, don't you think?
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Like it once first..... Baby Steps.
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  38. another123 Member

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  39. subgenius Member

    I thought the same thing: Monday morning, not so bad.

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