2015: Part 1 - Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Jun 29, 2015.

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    You surely didn't think we'd forgotten about you, Scientology?

    Okay, so we've been a bit quiet recently. Uncharacteristically quiet. But having protested against Scientology at least monthly since February 2008, we felt we'd earned a break.

    RAID ONE: January 10th, 2015

    Let's just say the turnout could have been better for this one. Undeterred, we raided on. I took one photo:


    Jazz hands. Enough said?

    RAID TWO: February 21st, 2015

    "The big one" it might not have been, still we took to a chilly Deansgate and marked Project Chanology's 7th birthday with (our unique) style and efficiency. Former Manchester regular White Night made a guest appearance (see top photo above), and we partied/protested on until we required thawing out at the pub.


    It was then we took our hiatus. Three months on we even started to wonder whether the staff of Scientology Manchester might think they'd finally seen the last of us, but we were merely recharging our batteries/lasers, ready for...

    RAID THREE: May 30th, 2015

    The surprise protest. Planned in secret, we simply turned up on the day and did our thing like we'd never been away. Lots of dancing, flyering, sign waving, honking, and everything you would expect of a quality Manchester raid.


    And it seemed that Manchester had missed us, given the amount of encouragement we received from passers by. It couldn't have been due to the release of HBO's excellent new documentary exposing Scientology, as the legal threat from Scientology continues to suppress the truth in the UK due to outdated libel laws.

    Take that, outdated libel laws...


    The only real disappointments of the day were the fact our usually busy local Scientology org seemed very quiet (unless they started using the back door to avoid us)...


    ... and some of Roach's flag skills:



    TL;DR: We're back in business.








    Our next protest will be in July. New recruits are always welcome. We'll be announcing the date here soon, and you can find us at the following locations:
    Anonymous Manchester Facebook (We strongly recommend using a false identity to interact with us on Facebook)
    Anonymous vs Scientology Manchester

    Why Scientology? Check out our fliers and Google to your heart's content.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Great pics, great protests, keep it that way! :) (Facebook tho)
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, Strobe! I knew that you and the protesters would return!

    Epic Raids! Epic Photos! Beautiful work!
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. strobe Member

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  6. jensting Member

    I'm undecided as to which is the most epic: your protesting or how quiet the bOrg is..

    OK, it's your protesting!
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  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    So cool( no joke)
  8. strobe Member

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  9. AnonLethal Member

    Strobe all we have to do now, is ensure we get a raid in every month. Love the post as well
  10. RightOn Member

  11. Profanity Member

    Nice to see Manchester is still carrying on. Wish I could be there with you all, but sadly circumstances get in the way.

    Maybe a post raid one day?
  12. dovankhanh Member

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