2011 MegaRaid Post Game

Discussion in 'Europe' started by A-non-non-anon, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Dragononymous Member

    I was more going for the "White gets himself in danger to protect an innocent child" but yeah, yours is also an option..
  2. pewpew Member

    What neck.

    Also. Epic megaraid was epic. Thanks guise for the lulz and hard party.

    Also. After having snogged 3 femanons. I can yeah UKfemanons (/whore). Be jealous.

    Also. Do want hat. :mad:

    ps. I vote we all become even more faggoty and tineychat/stickam. you know. for science.
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  3. Profanity Member

    Yeah, I was wondering about the legs comment.

    You were a pleasure to kiss, my dear~
  4. pewpew Member

  5. Profanity Member

    I'm sure some Anons would appreciate the nature of the derail. Also hey, I let you snog me while sober too. And don't even get me started on you licking sauce off my chest in the pub. ;)
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  6. cfanon Member

    Pix or it didn't happen

    Oh wait... I got pix... :p
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  7. Chipshotz Member

    sooooo good
    Great raid.
  8. That was definitely the first time I have ever regretted /not/ sitting within the splash zone.
  9. novu Member

    Did anyone else accidentally try to purchase things with their 'Over 9000 Lulz' banknotes or was that just me?
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  10. Profanity Member

    Just you. Mine spent most of the raid in my top. xD
  11. pewpew Member

    Lets see if I can even remember entirety of epic weekend.

    Day one.
    Arrive to pub. Meet a whole bunch of faggots. Everyone is drinking and I think its 12 pm. and am like, "wtf is wrong with you idiots" and then they say something about it being 6pm. herp. I mention being underage b& and am bought a drink. Scope the local area later with Novu. White tells us off. I lol at Heratics obsession with phones and shiny objects. From all the stories I expected him to be much more spritly. Trap and I reap each other within moments of meeting each other. Eye contact. I draw a cock on Norway anon's arm. Also 'I am a faggot'. I think.
    We somehow find ourselves at another pub. Because people want food. Drinks were had. I had some delicious dip. Snogged a Trap. Someone said Tits or GTFO. So GTFO'd. Snake showed off his tongue to me. I hugged a greebly. People start talking about blasting the Cube until we get kicked out. I am opposed because I like the pub. There are books everywhere and makes me feel like I'm in the Ravenclaw dorm rooms. I'm talking to Novu and White and they keep mindfucking me (hot). Mac takes forever to eat. Finishes. We rickroll everyone as we walk out. Dancing.

    Day two.
    Walk to protest. Meet two anons on the way (cute couple. girl has wings?). I tell them epic troll stories. Arrive at protest, there is a scattering of people there. I find a pedobear. We become friends. Swingdancing. Mudkip. Get bored. See Frenchfries. RUNS AND HUGS THEM BUT FUUU IM HUGGGING ANONONANOANOANOANOA INSTEAD OF A FRENCHFRY damn it. I try to talk to them and get them to teach me some street tricks. Because everyone is going on about epic french street proformer anons. THEY DONT UNDERSTAND ME. herp derp. non of them are street performers. Well played anons. Well played. They give me Xenu cookies. Cake was a lie. As expected.
    I cross over to Skull. We play LETS SEE HOW CLOSE WE CAN GET TO THE ORG. WITH OUT BEING TOLD OFF BY COPPERS. We're successful. Manage 3 carlengths. Talk to scilons, AS THEY'RE ALL HIDDEN BEHIND VANS. clever. Handout fliers. MUSIC IS PLAYED AND WE ALL GO TO ANOTHER ORG. VIA UNDERGROUND TUBES. Like the Internet. But. Underground. We walk to org. THERE IS A CAGE IN THE ST. FOR US. we're so loved. Coppers are nice to us all day. Handout fliers. And cute little bzness cards. Which I will be re-designing because they're fugly. Take offence. You're attempt at design is fail. Comon. IF YOURE GONNA SPEND THEMONISE ON PRINTING THEM, SPEND THE TIME TO MAKE THEM LOOK NICE. Danced with anons. Swing danced.


    go off to a sex shop with some anon. wtf pewpew. YOU'RE SMARTER THAN THAT (apparently not). Have sex. Talk and walk with some more anons. Get omnoms. Delicious. Eat some raw salmon that's going to give me about 15 different parasites. Win. Fuck off time. The Frenchfries leave. I get a sad. I snog a hot norwigian(?). And by hot I mean ZOMG DROOL HOT (i can say this without being creepy cause i have tits. and will never meet her again. probably.)...We all go to a cool pub. Take over upstairs room. Everyone is talking about local people that I don't know. Zone out. Play with a white hat. ZOMG SKILLZ. ALL BOW DOWN TO MY EPICNESS. White hat is dirty and kinda gross. Novu puts white stickers on it. Snake hands out epic amounts of stickers and Internet monies. PUT THEM ALL IN MY BRA OKAY?

    A bunch of us go sit outside. LIKE 5 TIMES. cough.

    people fuck off. I eat some lemoncaek. NOT A LIE FOR ME.
    GO TO HOTEL. CHANGE BECAUSE IM VAIN AND DONT LIKE THE COLD. GO TO PARK. EVERYONE HAS PARTIED HARD WITHOUT ME AND ARE DONE. jerks. Music is played. I dance. WITH LOTS OF PEOPLE. MORE PEOPLE KNOW HOW TO SWING DANCE THAN I KNEW. I had a happy. Reap train. Snake trolls me with reap eyes. I snog Profanity. mmm. Hostel. Recite some Shakespeare. Music. Sleep 3am. NO SLEEP FOR THE WICKED. (not wicked???).

    Day three.

    GET TO PROTEST LATE. PEOPLE WAITING. haha sucks for you gusy (see a common thread in the whole me arriving on time???).
    Walk to protest up hill and pretty views and stuff. It's all very quaint and English. COTTAGES. I switch stuff with Mac cause hes a fag and cant carry his own cube (dont bringing it if you cant handle it faggot). Take my shirt off. TITS. Walk more. Switch with Novu because well. I'm a faggot and a girl. Somehow I we manage to lose a cable. I walk back to find cable. Come back. Party hard. Security guards are checking me out. CHECK THIS OUT BITCH. I eat one of Profanities sammiches. mmmm. get car ride to a pub. SO MANY PUBS. Get a Sunday roast. TOO HEAVY FOR ME EWW. Give to CFanon. Eat profanities frenchfries and everyones salad. (Later I puke it all up ofcourse). She and I snogg again. And I lick omnoms off of her boobies. Train. People talk. Epic idea for a traveling anon hat. Doesnt happen because its too gross. Do not want to travel with that. MY HAT GETS LOST. WTF GUIES I WANT IT.

    Hostel. Music. Outside. I get mind fucked with shoes. Mac Trolls himself. Twice. My horse is amazing.

    tldr; I see a scilon hired airplane outside of the protest that says "Xenu is a reality we're entitled to believe in"
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  12. Dragononymous Member

  13. Profanity Member

    I think I just lived in your world for five minutes. It was trippy.
  14. Heretic Member

    I dressed as Freddie Mercury what did you faggots do?
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  15. Dragononymous Member

    wait, she ACTUALLY is like that?
  16. Profanity Member

    You have no idea.
  17. Dragononymous Member

    Do I want to?
  18. pewpew Member

    You're lucky I somehow managed to stay focused enough to type that all out.
  19. Dragononymous Member

  20. Snip for pr0nzy bitz pls. thnxkbi
  21. Do you liked the part about xenu cakes on the video ? :D
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  22. Profanity Member

    Yessss! I loved how you guys made them on the ferry. :)
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  23. Heretic Member

    and they say there are too many E-Numbers in american food!
  24. PewPew, not enough g'Rape in Your post, add some more :eek:
  25. That was my first thought after laying eyes on her too.
  26. Now I think about it. The best moment of the raid for me.
    Was when cfanon pushed me too the ground and pinned me down in Hyde Park to give me a kiss.
    I was only dissapointed that he did not follow through,
    leaving me laying like a sex crime victim, with my underwear inside out.
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  27. Dragononymous Member

    No shock for me until now
  28. what underwear ?
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  29. Perikles Member

    Sorry, this is a fucking Weatherspoons we're talking about???? Evidently your idea of Hogwarts is sunstantially different from mine. Altho prolly moar lulzy.

    And yes, she really is like that. But worse. Much worse.

    Ps. I iz haz your hat. :p
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  30. Fuck harry puffter
  31. pewpew Member

    Yes. I'm talking about Weatherspoons. DID YOU NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE FIRST LVL? My imaginary Hogwarts puts /b/ to shame.

  32. Can I haz?
  33. pewpew Member

    Ask Trap. I hear she has some in a jar somewhere...
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  34. Not any more. I deposited said jar in a random hidey hole. In a random org. I stumbled upon during my last trip all the way around the earth ^^
  35. pewpew Member

    Can I join you next time you travel around the world?

  36. cfanon Member

    She sells her body.
  37. Profanity Member

    No, she captures a newfag and sells their body.
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  38. That guy in Nurenberg who propositioned me like that last week, was lucky to not have taken a free ride underneath the first ICE out of there in the morning.
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