2 Dutch Anons

Discussion in 'Nederland' started by Anonymous, May 26, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    Is al eerder gebeurd, behalve een volautomatische reactie niks van gehoord.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

  4. flimbos Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    Dus werkt alleen als een namefag het doet.
  5. mojo Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    if de vries would get on this, it would be epic, but i can't see it happening. really not his thing AFAIK
  6. flimbos Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    De Vries does know about Criminon..

    We might be able to milk it..

    "him" being Jesse Remmers (hitman, scilon, ex-criminon boss)
    Hitmen - Sekte Vrij!
  7. mojo Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    i guess all that remains to be said is DO IT FAGGOT!!!

    facepalm, i can't believe i really wrote that.....:headbang::rolleyes:
  8. auchraw Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    Maybe De Vries could use his site to appeal for information about missing/disconnected Dutch $lons?

    Maybe Enturbulation could set up a site to appeal for and coordinate information about ditto anywhere in the world? Perhaps they have already done this - in which case I will eat beans and rice for a month.
  9. mojo Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    actually i've been wondering if we shouldn't put up a missing thread, especially after the tzvi popokski thing this am.
  10. Mouseyhair Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    De Vries heeft een teringhekel aan CoS, en kreeg inderdaad ooit nog spam van Jesse Remmers over Criminon.

    Blijft een goed idee om hier achteraan te gaan, maar dan rond september, als Jesse's zaak voorkomt.
  11. DamOTclese Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    I really like what the Dutch Anonymous have done, and I've watched as many videos as I could find. I spent a year and a half working out in Kouderkirk (or however it's spelled) working at Vroom and Dresman, various other companies. I really liked the country and wish I could have stayed.
  12. anonym0us Member

    Re: 2 Dutch Anons

    Too bad you couldn't stay man, Dutchland = AWESOME.

    Few things:
    - Message is pretty off-topic
    - Gravedigging old threads
    - Ouderkerk <---?

    Nothing else happened with Peter R de Vries? Or with Jesse? Anyone have any news?

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