2/2 Orlando Protest in ORLANDO SENTINEL

Discussion in 'Media' started by Camille, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Camille Member

  2. Fagfag Member

    Are there any videos or pictures?
  3. anon11 Member

  4. Unaware Member

    Yea, saw this on the other forum. It's better than the first Orlando raid!
  5. FALLEN Member

    "The protesters carried signs with messages such as "Knowledge is Free" and "Honk if you hate Scientology."

    "According to an organizer of the rally, who would not give his name, the group is protesting what he called "a gross violation of the right to see free church material,"

    FAIL!! One sound bite and Anon sounds like the internet bullies and hate terrorists they're trying to paint us as.

    We're protesting Human Rights Violations. Murders. Harassment. Criminal activities and IRS fraud by Scientology.

    The Media is going to zero in on the negative, because that's what they do.

    Please don't speak to the media unless you can accurately convey the message we want the world to hear.
  6. Whitehat Member

    I wouldn't be suprised if someone DID say the right thing...

    But the Media decided instead to just ignore the good comments.
  7. donotstalk Member

    I don't think that soundbite is as bad as it could have been.
    It sounds like it was a good point, but he was purposefully misquoted.
  8. The media is in an extremely interesting place right now. Because 1- they're always about the sensationalism, and 2- the CoS has TONS of material for it, but 3- if they cover that material, they'll have lawsuits, threats, and cease-and-desist notices up the ass. On the flip side, 4- if Anonymous is in the picture, they have a way to talk about CoS without dealing with this.

    For that I'm personally not going to hold it against them too much if they keep trying to push the "Anonymous are a bunch of cyber-bullies" card, but if any start talking to me on 2-10 one of the questions I'll fire at them is why they aren't addressing the big picture and instead covering the actions of a bunch of "Internet nerds".
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