16th October, Sydney

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Anonymous, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    16th October, Sydney

    So, the protest for next month is on Saturday the 16th of October.
    And route is as follows.

    11:00am - Congregate at Hyde Park (near the War Memorial).

    12:00pm - Leave Hyde Park down Oxford St.

    12:15pm - Arrive at Crown St. (outside the Colombian).

    12:45pm - Depart Oxford St. down Crown St. (Southbound).

    1:00pm - Arrive Cnr. Crown St. Foveaux St.

    1:20pm - Depart Crown St for Hercules St., Surry Hills.

    1:50pm - Leave Hercules St. for Greek St., Glebe.

    2:10pm - Arrive Greek St., Glebe.

    4:00pm - Protest disperses and it’s pub/cake time.


    Relevant links: ASYD.ORG // ANONYMOUS SYDNEY
    and our facebook page; Here
  2. thefatman Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    Ka-bump! For moderate justice :)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    I see Sydney still hasn't posted a post-game from last month.
  4. someonerandom Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    tbh not worth posting, it was a 3 guys in a corner type of thing
  5. thefatman Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    We don't do post-games every month anyway.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    Postgame posting or not, three guys on a corner can still shut down an org. Thanks for representing. I'm sure the public appreciated you, too.
  7. RightOn Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    Not to derail...
    Do you think one of you guys or other aussie Anons can start a COS tax exemption property thread for AU?
    This is what the tax payers have to see.
    We are currently have the US and UK threads going.

    If you look up what the org is tax exempt and stand in front of the org with that total on a sign, I am sure it will get people's attention
    maybe something like:
    (of course fill in the total)

    This Church of Scientology
    is $$$$$ Tax Exempt
    Where Are Your Tax Dollars Going?
  8. shadzke Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    anyone from liverpool region attending?
  9. thefatman Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    Problem is all the orgs are tax exempt, though a total figure of how much they don't pay could work.

    I'm not certain on how we would get that information so if you (or anyone else) knows how, we'd appreciate hearing it.

    @shadzke: I can't say for certain, however there are a number of people from out West, I think one or two guys are from near Livo.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    Here is a start for land taxes
  11. thefatman Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    Well, 10 and a half months and I'll I've seen in the way of renovations is a traffic cone out the front with "Mainland Civil" on it.

    Also, the basement is entirely stripped out. But there is a kettle in there.
  12. Re: 16th October, Sydney

    I found out last weekend that the reason they moved from castlereagh St. was because the Fire Dept. basically condemned the building.

    I posted the full details over on ESMB but can't seem to transfer it across here - something to do with the public library I'm in I fear.

    There's lulz to be had with this :D
  13. Re: 16th October, Sydney

    rock on.
  14. someonerandom Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    western suburbs is a 1hr train trip to get into central area, any western suberbaners hit me up with a pm if u need help etc getting there
  15. sooleater Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    this is a long way to walk
  16. thefatman Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    This, I had not heard. I would like more information on that. It sounds quite fun.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    take a lots sof pic
  18. Re: 16th October, Sydney

    Story in a nutshell:

    Fire Dept do inspection of Castlereagh St. and tell cult to fix it up; cult don't.

    Fire Dept keep going back, cult keep trying to cover up lack of action.

    CLO move out probably due to building needing extensive work to satisfy Fire Dept., although "officially" it was due to expansion at the org.

    Cl V org moves to Hercules St. because cannot stay in building any more due to now extremely pissed-off Fire Dept.

    Cult says it moved to start renovations and doesn't tell culties real reason it moved. Major footbullet on their part methinks.

    Cult cannot go back to Castlereagh St. any time soon as building is basically condemned by Fire Dept. (I think that's basically what I was told - can't begin renovations unless the building is fire-safe) so is stuck with Hercules St until owners of said building go ahead knocking it down to build a supermarket.

    Cult may well be evicted from Hercules St., hopefully with media to document their tearful farewell.

    Cult will then be totally broke with a useless shell in Castlereagh St., owning big bucks to former employees due to Fair Work Ombudsman, hopefully senior figures on trial for various criminal offenses (NSW Police are "continuing investigations") and there's even more State and Federal investigations in the pipeline.

    Does this make you a happier little vegemite, FatMan? :D
  19. thefatman Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    Oh yes it does, it puts a tingle in my bajingle :)

    Also, I understand the lease is due to expire at Hercules either at the end of the year, or at the end of the next financial year. That is, they had an option to extend it but I'm not 100% sure of the times and dates and so on.

    Also, they've got until the end of August, 2011 in order to finish the renovations (which is when their development application expires).
  20. Re: 16th October, Sydney

    What awesome news. Ongoing investigations, empty orgs. It's all too beautiful. Someone has been doing some serious hard work behind the scenes.
  21. thefatman Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    And it's not Tojo.
  22. Re: 16th October, Sydney

    Vicki Dunstan? :D
  23. shadzke Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    trainstation closest 2 hyde park?
  24. thefatman Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    It depends where you are coming from.

    Museum station is right in Hyde Park and is on the side of the park where we are. Just get off and look for the coffee shop on the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool and you should see the War Memorial from there (it's a giant thing in the middle of the park) we will be on the side that is away from the water (i.e., the Liverpool St. side). Or you can go to Town Hall and walk South to Liverpool and look out for the aforementioned coffee shop.

    More information and a map can be found at ASYD's homepage at hope to see you there :)
  25. shadzke Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

  26. Re: 16th October, Sydney

    No. But my collection of Tojo doing surveilance on Anonymous photos is growing. He has been busy. He's just on the wrong side.
  27. someonerandom Member

    Re: 16th October, Sydney

    remember to check what line ur going on, bankstown line goes dir to museum, and the strathfield one goes to town hall

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