16-Year-Old Florida Girl Held Down By Classmates, Raped On Videotape: Cops

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by System, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. When did money become more imporntant than moral. I think they should at least be of equal importance
  2. Ive been thumbing through threads on this site for about a week, and a few threads (mainly this one) have sparked a question in my curious mind... so, anonymous is all about peace, right? To gently reach out and touch those whom are corrupt, and with our mighty touch, we corrupt the corrupted, correct? So my question is ; to what extent does this apply? When is the time to allow ourselfs revenge? Like you, *beautifuldissaster* when your daughter grows into the wonderful woman that I'm sure she will be, and she comes home one day balling in your arms, explaining the events that occured to her ( similar to the tradgedy that happened to this poor soul) and she names the suspects guilty of the crime... you know these people. So... do you gently reach out and touch them? Or do you bust down their door and ram a broom stick in their ass until they can taste wood?
  3. Well one she will be raised to defend herself by any means necessary. Even if its her friends she will have pepper spray or some means of getting away but if she fails to defend herself as a mother I would like to take matters into my own hands and end them however two wrongs don't make a right and law enforcement would at least me given the chance to do their job
  4. Children shouldn't be raised to be victims. If we as parents teach them morals and respect and to defend themselves properly I think the issue would not be so great
  5. True, but however, no matter ones phisical prowes, there will always be someone who will overcome. Cops! We all know how cops do there jobs! My step dad was a cop, I know how they operate. I am not saying that they are not good people, doing good things. But they are bound by code and protocall, wich gets in the way of doing their jobs. Any cop will tell you that. Plus our justice system is corrupt as fuck. But that is exactly my point. Two wrongs don't make a right, but on the other hand, a gentle touch, or puutting matters into other peoples hands, gives the wrong doer room to continue his/her wrongs. Where is the grey area? Where is true justiice?
  6. Well bound by the law I will give a chance but do.not be mistaken the line is thin its no secret cops , now no not all cops, tend to operate under the assumption they are above the law thus doing as they please and sadly getting away with it most of the time
  7. This is also true. But keep in mind, very rarely do police act above the law to benifet others. So to me, this may be irrelavent.
  8. anonymousA21 Member

    People are sick. This girl is the same age as my little cousin, & when I read stuff like this that's what runs through my head! What if that were my family? And the law isn't giving thse people anywhere near what they deserve for these kind of crimes. BELIEVE ME. I've witnessed the Steubenville case firsthand. Whatever y'all fellow Anons want to do for this one I'll be there!!
  9. I suppose anymore not much is done to benefit others it shouldn't be irrelvent

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