16-Year-Old Florida Girl Held Down By Classmates, Raped On Videotape: Cops

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by System, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. System Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    can't click on link until the sickness and revulsion can be harnessed appropriately
    right now i am just going with the sadness this headline brings
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. This is so fucked. Poor girl. My energies and vibrations go out to her poor soul.
  5. fefe Member

    cant find link to the video
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  6. It wasn't put online.

    Tells us a lot about you that you want to watch that shit.
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  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    I can't fathom how these kids thought they could get away with anything remotely like this :(
    Yet the authorities dither over trying them as adults, thats the most obvious thing to do.
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  8. Seriously 21 days……good job that's going teach them, on the other hand there's got to be something seriously wrong with ones mental stability to do something like that.
  9. White Tara Global Moderator

    I truly hope you are correct about their mental state, I would much prefer that to the sneaking suspicion I have that this is the very nature of youth today. Have we as a society hot housed a generation that resembles characters from Lord Of The Flies?
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  10. We do I don't feel parents are doing their job leading our youth. Why is it so hard to teach our children respect and boundaries
  11. White Tara Global Moderator

    Media corruption? , Populist television that presents cruelty to others as comedy? Dunno. Its just sad.
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  12. It's very sad we strive to create a better world for the next generation, but What about the generation were leaving for the world!
  13. Anonymous Member

    What do you want to do about it
  14. I'm still very new here and unsure of what exactly can be done, however whatever can or is done I am 100% on board.
  15. Random guy Member

    In this case it seems the cops and the juridical system are doing their job. This is unfortunately not always the case. Follow the situation, and if the rapists are let off by some shenanigans, help make a media stink about it.
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  16. System Member

    too true people acting like in Lord of the Flies government acting like 1984
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Lately, I've been having a bit of a reaction to the "Shocked! Shocked!" reactions to events like these.

    Y'know what's different about these events? The Internet makes them visible. These kinds of crimes went on for hundreds and thousands of years against people who have no power -- against black folks in Mississippi, brown folks in the Texas Panhandle, aborigines in Australia, immigrants of all kinds who are different from the majority in large cities, Koreans under Japanese military occupancy, African tribes at war with each other ... the list goes on.

    Human beings know how to hate. This shit is not new. The rule of law requires serious efforts by civilized societies.
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  18. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    You wouldn't be human if you weren't shocked.

    No debate there...

    Equal to that is humanity's ability to love, be curious, and press the boundaries.

    The think to keep in mind is perspective: These incidents are just a fraction of what humanity can do. The mistakes you mentioned above we learned from and changed because of it. Granted it wasn't overnight but change did occur.
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  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Worth remembering
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  20. It's just to bad that our daughters aren't safe... mine will most certainly be required to carry a gun or pepper spray.
  21. I can't change what values others instill in their kids but I can however ensure mine can defend herself
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  22. Anonymous Member

    If you do that make sure she knows when to use, and to use it without hesitation. Running though scenarios works, doing it again and again. Approached by a smiling man on a dark street? Warn him to stop once while getting the pepper spray out. Then spray if he doesn't stop there. The harder part is avioding entrapment by "friends".
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  23. Well that's a give in a weapon or other means of self defense is pointless if she can't use it and without fear. Also friend or no of she's attacked she will defend.
  24. And being as she's three I have time for a plan and years of practice
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  25. Anonymous Member

    We all have to pay attention to the status of women in our societies in that time, too. There is nothing inherent in modernity that protects us from barbarism, I'd say.
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  26. Yep.
    Conscience is one thing that protects from barbarism.

    I am curious why this forum has a tendency to focus on these specific types of stories from the plethora of stories that come out every single day. Wanna Vent? Too late.
  27. Anonymous Member

    A person acting alone in a crime might well be mentally ill.

    But five people in the same school class acting in concert? That sounds like a culture.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Bringing information to light and discussing how, why and what may be done to change such animalistic attitudes of humanity are a step in the right direction towards change.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Do we just blindly accept that society is becoming more and more lacking in conscience, I hope not.
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  30. ..Not my problem..
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  31. It's all of our problem. World leaders start as children their values depend on what parents instill
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  32. Anonymous Member

    "Videotaped", eh? I hope they manage to get a gramophone recording of the perpetrators' confessions.
  33. System Member

    damn well spoken
  34. tinfoilhatter Member

    "Hospital officials declined to say whether the victim, who bled from an ear and drifted in and out of consciousness with her eyes swollen shut when police questioned her Saturday morning, remained hospitalized Monday. Because of the nature of the crime, the Sun Sentinel is not naming her."

    This is pretty severe. I am glad that the law appears to be doing something about this. This should be an open and shut case, but we said the same thing about Casey Anthony a few years ago....

    I remember reading about gang initiations a while back. this sounds similar to some of those.

    not sure about this source however, if someone has a better source, please share.

    But another question, what was the criminal history of the perpetrators? Was this their first crime? Are they part of a gang? I have a sick feeling that this poor girl is not their first victim.
  35. It does seem to well thought out for her to be the first

  36. I have a real problem with outsiders being really Voyeuristic about the sexual details of these inhumane assaults on women.

    It is why I think that for the most part, outsiders should stay out of these situations, and rather focus their attention perhaps to deferring to the serious expertise of Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis / Domestic Violence Centers to do their jobs, and they do.

    Perhaps in the future, if the victim decides on her own accord that she wants to comment publicly, then fine.

    People in society in general really need to learn about healthy boundaries.
  37. HERE:

  38. Anonymous Member

    The thing about serious crimes is that they are an offence to the entirety of the society. Everyone has an interest in preventing them.
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  39. I couldn't agree more
  40. Anonymous Member

    Actually it is. I wont bother talking about the morality of the issue, because that always seems to fall on deaf ears. So instead i will talk about the financial loss to society.

    Lets see how many i can think of off the top of my head: The criminal investigation will cost tax payer dollars, the court case will cost tax payer dollars, the sentencing will cost tax payer dollars, Her experience will scar her for life this will have a monetary value and will cost tax payer dollars, The trauma that the investigators feel will affect their performance, costing tax payer dollars.

    Then there is the fact that we are talking about it. Normally i spend my time hunting resources down for different projects here, so being here has an affect on this.

    When you stop and think about it, ALL violent crime has a negative monetary affect on our society. While it may just be several small effects, those small effects add up.
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