15 Arrested persons in Italy

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Anon_CG3(ITA), Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    Also if they call himself part of anonymous hacktivists, the entire italian anonymous community, and also the police forces have denied the membership of this group "Anonymous IAG".
    By the evidences results that the arrested hackers used the "appeal of anonymous name" to perpetrate criminal acts.
    One of the leaders (aka aj3dx) was involved in various crimes, and supposing (always consulting the evidences) that he's part of a criminal organization in italy, such "camorra"(a sort of Mafia).

    So we have the need to cofirm that: the 15 arrested persons wans't part or member of Anonymous. They only used the name of Anonymous to deceive and cheat people.

    This is the press release. (Repubblica is one of the most important newspaper i Italy)
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  2. thank you for this information
  3. Thank you for the information. It's terrible when people abuse this organization's reputation and cause for their own gain and glory.
  4. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    It's sad. But "the truth, isn't truth, since it comes official".
    There was tons of articles, documents, some dox too, that says by no less than 2 years ago, that this group was using "anonymous" like a brand.
    There was also a call registered, in wich the "company's commercial manager" (Mr Antonio Dallitoro) try to sell us (masked like a new brand device's producer) "their" services.

    Most of all they acted in pubblic like a "marketing and viral marketing" company. But deeply they was involved in various crime's scenarios.
    We found, 1 year ago, a link with a Spanish company, active in the same market section, and also this company was involved in legal issues. The Spanish company is "Projecto Index"
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  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Front like the people, act like the mafia... are you sure you aren't encountering an incipient government over there?
  6. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    well, maybe this is the first time that "italians anonymous and italian law enforcers" are saying the same think personally (i can talk only about myself, people is free to think what they want) i believe and i KNOW that this is the truth.

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