13-year-olds are not sexual predators

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Aug 6, 2013.

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    There are damaged 13 year old children that act out. They are children. Adults should act like adults and not get "victimized" by 13 year olds. This is where the justice system goes wrong.
  3. What is it in the American water that makes "judges" and "prosecutors" like these? For fucking fuck's sake...
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    When a 13-year-old is playing truant from school and is already sexually experienced, it's a red flag that something has gone very wrong. The prosecutor's job was to be on her side and secure a conviction against a man who broke the law, not to victim blame. He shouldn't be allowed to prosecute another case after this and the judge should be censured too.

    It's not just the American water, this happened in England.
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    Chilling, isn't it? By next week it will be forgotten about and we'll never know if other young girls have decided to keep quiet about the sexual abuse they're suffering thanks to the comments of these legal fools.
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    I liked this
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    I want to go back to sleep. Ugh....
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    Barrister suspended from sex cases after court comments
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