12/15/09 BOS

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by determu, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Anon3Mouse Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    First, take the Snickers bar and snark and cram it up your ass. That candy bar shit is not funny, I hate to be the one to break it to you. It only makes you look like an asshole.

    Next, find ways around the BOS. While I'm not sure if California has a state code enforcement kind of thing, if it's affecting a threatened species that would be the way to go. California Fish and Wildlife at the very least, give a crack at the crazy fucking pETA people, the EPA, find out where those little mice stand as far as the federal threatened and endangered species list goes, find out if there's some state level option for the illegal grading and go at it with the stance of being a resident that feels your county is compromised as far as code enforcement goes.

    And if none of that bears fruit, take your lame candy schtick back to the BOS.
  2. determu Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Such anger

    All those are being done except for PETA

    they tend to be more focused on cats and dogs and their concern at the moment is on the housing crisis and it's affects on the animal population.

    Good Sir how do i prove to them that their is an endangered species on that piece of land?

    If such knowledge is privy only to you for such a long amount of time how come you haven't done it yourself?
  3. determu Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    I'm taking a long break.

    My IRL needs to be attended too.

    all my projects will still be good when I present them.

  4. xenubarb Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Hey, retard, those dox were just made available to you yesterday.

    Maybe there would be results in some magic fantasy land where things happen faster than a slime mold oozing down a wall, but Riverside county is not that land. So read the dox, use your imagination, and put them to good use instead of using this forum to spew venom.

    If you lack the ability to get your sludgy little brain in gear to figure out how these dox might best be used effectively, stfu and get out of the way.

    So, quit coughing on the carrot and get up off your knees and DO something about it!
  5. xenubarb Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS're an idiot, aren't you? PETA isn't about saving wildlife. But it does involve animals so hey, let's bother them with irrelevant shit that doesn't involve getting the world to eat tofu instead of meat. I can understand your confusion and possibly relief at their anti-fishing stance, because you clearly have the brains god gave seafood.

    Relevant organizations and agencies are being contacted. Don't get all butthurt because every little detail isn't being shared with you by the people working on it.

    Being as how you're such a delightful little troll, that's understandable. Thanks for the advice, genius. Nobody ever thought of that shit before you opened your yap.
  6. Vir Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Very much this. PeTA has its own business to run - no time for actually saving animals, which is what local animal shelters and animal welfare organizations are doing with little fanfare.
  7. themadhair Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    @ Anon3Mouse

    Just because an action doesn’t always have an immediate win that is demonstrable to your particular satisfaction does not mean those actions are not worth doing. Keep throwing shit at a wall and you never know, some of it may just stick.

    The bit that amuses me is that, by your incessant and non-productive BAWWWing, you are approaching the same level of fail that you accuse AO of. That is quite impressive.
  8. UdenNavn Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Sad to see you go. Hope you'll be back soon. Good luck with IRL, it can be a bitch.
  9. El Diablo Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Not sure what all the bitching about AO's presentation is about (okay I do, but ill feelings towards AO shouldn't diminish the validity of the issue he's addressing). He certainly isn't the master of public presentations, but it was far from awful. He was measured, calm and informative, although the time limit definitely worked against him.

    I don't know who decides the order of speakers, but persuasion wise, it would have been better to have the speech about the endangered and threatened species after AO's presentation. I take it the board of sups decides these things?

    Anyhow, I'm nowhere near riverside so can't do much about this, but having someone else speak on the same material as AO so it could be split up (giving twice as much time) may have helped. I think the sheer volume of material meant that editorializing had to be cut out, which diminished it's impact.

    Also, thanks for the link XenuBarb...reading it now.
  10. Relyt Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Jesus Christ, you people are worse than Glenn Beck fans. This whole subforum is a joke. It's that whole "As long as something is being done, then everything is okay" kind of attitude. As if quantity automatically makes up for lack of quality. As corrupt and sinister as Jeff Stone is, I feel sympathy for him having to put up with a lunatic who mostly talks out of his ass every week, and thanks to him, makes any subject about Scientology one to ignore and not address.

    Why is it that the ones who are most vocal about a movement are always the ones who make it look crazy and retarded? And there is such thing as being TOO vocal, because then you have morons filing a complaint every time Scientology jaywalks or doesn't make a complete stop at a stop sign.

    tl;dr - Just because you're "doing something", doesn't mean you're doing it right. It's HOW you do it that matters, not how often you do it.

    Also, in b4 "What have YOU done?!"
  11. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    "What have YOU done?!"
  12. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Sweet Jesus, THIS ^^^^^^^^
  13. Sissy Lala Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    How many more years of Chanology before we all stop accusing each other of not doing anything or doing things wrong? Two years now - this shit's old. REAL OLD.

    If you don't like the way someone does something, get out there and do it YOUR way and shut up about it.

    It's no one's business what anyone else does, or doesn't, do. Just because they haven't shared the things they've done doesn't mean they're here on WWP for some retarded "party". Most of us can think up MUCH MORE FUN ways to spend our time.

    The most effective Anons just may be the ones who never talk about what they do behind the scenes.

    Glass houses and stones, y'all. <3
  14. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    No, not "this", unless you think forum rhetoric in the form of endless whining bawww is the way to go. People just become immune to it and do their own thing anyway.
  15. XenuPhobic Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    I would just like to add...^^^^^THIS!
  16. Relyt Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    I don't give a shit what way people decide to do things, but it still doesn't give them immunity to criticism.

    Why are you people still obsessed with Jeff Stone, anyway? He won't budge, no matter how hard you push him. He isn't exactly making the media when it comes to the subject of Scientology, so that's out of the question. Aren't there other people we can go to in regards to Scientology breaking the law? Why does it have to just be Jeff Stone and the Riverside BOS?
  17. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Why are you saying things that are just flat out untrue? It just damages your point. There has been good local press.
    Sometimes... no not sometimes, pretty much most of the time, you are the master of exaggeration, even though you might have a few points burried somewhere in there. I think maybe what you need to do is put yourself in the loop as regards doing something about it. Lead by example. I guess throwing rotten tomatoes is just more fun but expect to be taken about as seriously as you think we should take them.
  18. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Flunk, also in B4 "what have I done"
  19. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    First, I agree that presentations could be better. But Determu at least makes an effort to ask here for ideas or feedback, so he gets an A in my book. I hope Determu can return when he has time and ignores the trolls.

    But since I cannot make the board meetings, it appears others here also get mad if any alternative suggestions to what AO is doing are presented.

    AO has done a lot of research, but he presents it in an aggressive, accusatory way, and so to the board and is easy to ignore. AGP tends to sound smary and not serious. A straight forward list of discoveries and facts would be the better way to go IMHO. More voices are needed, but it would be easier if one could get something related to GOLD as an actual agenda item so people can talk longer (with donated time) that does not occur when talking during open comments, which are always limited to 3 minutes.

    I can not do this myself, but it is my opinion.
  20. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Go fuck yourself Diablo!

    AO (despite the strong anti-sentiments) continues to do far more damage to the Cult than the vast majority of you keyboard jocks & "lets stand outside an Org and get stoned" types.

    Yes, AO isn't the world's most accomplished speaker. Yes, gets distracted from time to time. Yes, he considerably over-rates his chances with teenage girls. Yes, his dress sense is a little dubious. Yes, he's Canadian.


    Whatever you may say, the guy has passion. And he's kept going where most of you KJs and tokers have long given up.

    So, back to your basement, and enjoy whacking off to Family Guy ;)
  21. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    You forgot to mention AO also thinks doxxing people to handlers is A-OK. No need to stroke his e-peen here. And again, the meme that "AO does everything and all other anons are basement dwelling stoners" is old. Find a new one please.

    You know who else had passion?

  22. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    No, who?
  23. xenubarb Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Because, dumbass, the fucker is running for a seat on the California Senate! That makes it obsession worthy, and if you can't see why that might be, you're doing it wrong.

    What might the impact of a Scientology supporting Senator have on the state? FFS, it's not rocket science, so quit being a drooler about it. If Stone gets elected to a higher office, peripherally, so does Scientology's influence.

    Maybe you don't think it's important or significant. I beg to differ.
  24. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Perhaps you can try to prove your point without just insulting someone with a legitimate query
  25. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS is an old meme.
    Are you new to the internets?
  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    This thread is now smelling like yesterday's underwear.
  27. xenubarb Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Because, dumbass, the fucker is running for a seat on the California Senate! That makes it obsession worthy, and if you can't see why that might be, you're doing it wrong.

    What might the impact of a Scientology supporting Senator have on the state? FFS, it's not rocket science, so quit being a drooler about it. If Stone gets elected to a higher office, peripherally, so does Scientology's influence.

    Maybe you don't think it's important or significant. I beg to differ.
  28. Relyt Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Well I sure hope the folks working on this have a better plan than just "go to a meeting every week and yell at some people". I saw the local article on the lawsuit, but of course that has nothing to do with the BOS meetings.

    But yeah, me not going to the meetings doesn't automatically void my arguments. That's what I said "in b4 What do YOU do?!" because that seems to be the only thing the lot of you can come up with when I try to argue a point. It doesn't matter what I do, it matters how you do what you do.
  29. themadhair Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    But the cluelessness displayed by your arguments, combined with the total lack of anything useful or actionable within them, certainly does. This just adds another piece to why you are full of shit on this Reylt.
  30. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Are you just arguing now to read your own words?
  31. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Ah, thanks for the info. It would've been good - if he was talking about the CoS.
  32. themadhair Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Just offloading a little.
  33. El Diablo Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Okay, I was just trying to evaluate his presentation in it's own right - giving credit where it's due. If that warrants a "go fuck yourself", so be it. :)
  34. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    This thread sucks. You are all bad people and you should feel bad for posting in it.

    In other news I posted 97 times on perezhilton blog expressing how retarded tom cruise is. Every time he posts anything, scientology related or not, I post another 57 times with random stuff to show how crazy scientology is.

    I consider this highly effective and shows I am doing something to bring down the cult.

    My above statement should not be taken as a comparison of seeing AO do speeches at the BOS, nor should there be any inference that Jeff Stone reminds me of Perez Hilton.

    Any one who rages at this obvious parity needs to have their xenubarbitols.
  35. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

  36. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Jeff Stone ignores Scientology because that is one of the special interest groups which he works for. AO could put on a clown suit and dance Caramelldansen, or he could put on a presentation so full of facts and win that we all wet ourselves from the win, and neither would make any difference as far as Stone's position is concerned. Stone has gone as far as offering easily proven lies in order to defend Scientology abuses from public protest. The only reason Stone has to listen to these public comments is so that he is on record as having heard them - which might become useful later.

    This is a valid point, of course.

  37. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    A common concept in martial arts is the idea of using an opponents weight or power against him. In the case of Jeff Stone and the rest, they have managed to create a long-standing public record of doing absolutlely nothing to address the alarming issues being raised in their BOS meetings.
    Unlike the apparently unforesightful Relyt, I see a huge amount of energy being accumulated here. It's an energy that may be released with devastating consequences on the politicians who failed to heed the information they had repeatedly been provided with.
  38. JMBrandon Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Has anyone thought of pooning the family barb talked about that was getting hassled by Stone because their permit never came along after months?
    methinks they would like to have an ace up their sleeve about the favoritism in office for their court day.
  39. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    Maybe Jeff Stone may be unmoved, but the rest of the board could easily outvote anything he brings forward.

    So every time someone speaks at the meetings, the rest of the BOS sees what the world sees.

    And this may be one way to get to the rest. Show, by number of hits, just how many people, WORLDWIDE, are seeing the meetings. Show them that the "Jeff Stone Chronicles" are the drawing force behind the rise in viewership.

    Let them know, that the world sees the BOS meetings. These are people who either see Riverside County as a decent place to live, that has Supervisors that actually care about the residents; or, as a place where lawbreakers can come if they want to hide their illegal activities under protection of the BOS.

    It's their choice what kind of an image they want to present.
  40. xenubarb Member

    Re: 12/15/09 BOS

    They have been in contact with that guy y'all hate, who has kept them up to date on what he's been digging up at the county admin building. Regulations, contacts, etc. they have copies of everything and I don't doubt they will use it.

    There are some people AO has spoken with who have positions in the various Riverside county departments relevant to the grading/eco/watershed issues. Stone may be trying to ignore these things, but public safety and wildlife issues will not be ignored.

    As soon as anything solid happens, someone will post it here. I don't like the "Oooh, guys, something big is about to happen" type thing, so all I can say is, there is interest which will hopefully develop into something detrimental to Scientology influence in Riverside county.

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