12/08/09 BOS

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by determu, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. determu Member

    12/08/09 BOS

    No AO this time

    i'll be doing my best to explain 884 to John Benoit

    any support is welcomed

    i'm going to offer Jeff stone a solution to his problem

    seeing as "this isn't a Scientology issue" i'm going to back him into a corner

    i'm going to ask that he add something to 884

    that if a structure has no safe protest point that ordinance 884 be unenforceable.

    seeing as this isn't about gold base *from what he says* it would seem logical

    i'm going to see if i can make him squirm a little.

    I want to also know if Gold base is a "church" "business" and or "residence"

    this could be an interesting session

    884 for wording
  2. _You_ Member

  3. CantPickaName Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    im pretty pretty pretty sure a "lil birdy" will inform him of your question and he will prepare and answer
  4. determu Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    meaning if you can't provide people with a safe place to protest for a particular structure than 884 should be null and void

    no worries i got a back up speech if i feel that he's been tipped off
  5. subgenius Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Love it.
  6. mnql1 Member

  7. Django Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    You'll perform a citizen's arrest, then...?
  8. determu Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    no citizen's arrest!

    I spent 40 bucks on presentation stuff this time.

    and i worked with an anon for about an hour or two to make sure my speech was decent.

    should be a nice show

    .... no AO or AGP from my intel

    Also i'm being frisked and searched now on a somewhat regular schedule, it's kind of demeaning but I think it's worth it to make the officers feel comfortable.

    As for support were actually gaining a little in Riverside, but it's still a long path before were able to do anything serious.

    If anyone wants to help

    I really could use a complete Anon photo album, something that has a lot of protest stuff would be nice.
  9. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    That is easy to duck.

    They can designate a "safe place to protest" that happens to be 5 miles down the road from Gold.
  10. Asshole Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Good luck.

    As for photos, it just so happens there was a giant raid in Hamburg.
  11. determu Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Do we have some sort of archive for raid photos?

    I don't mind sifting through them but it would be nice if i had some stuff to work with


    Looking for Jeff stone shops

    *clean nothing too crazy*

    gonna toss those in during my audio tracks
  12. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Also meaning that if there is a safe place to protest, you implicitly agree with 884. How about sticking to 884-is-a-piece-of-anti-constitutional-crap?
  13. Asshole Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Good question! I wonder if some sort of gallery can be implemented here. Not another thread, a bunch of photos sorted by month and year. Should probably make a thread in 'Website Issues, Requests, and Consensus' about it.
  14. themadhair Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Maybe try dressing up as a gay?
  15. Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    would that be a bag full of snickers bars? ;)

    good on ya determu, look forward to seeing you in action again
  16. _You_ Member

  17. determu Member

  18. mnql1 Member

  19. Asshole Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    That was great. Love the candy bar bit. And Stone's face at the end was priceless.
  20. BigBeard Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Can those of us who are video restricted while at work get a quick summation of what happened?

  21. determu Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Whirling dervishes

    [ame=""]YouTube- The Sufi Whirling Dervishes of Istanbul[/ame]

    explained 884 to john benoit

    also i explained why have a candy bar

    Jeff stone had a weird ass red suit on

    nothing much
  22. xenubarb Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Did they hold public comments early? I heard from AO just now that he got there and the doors were closed, sign said they were holding a code enforcement meeting.

    And Muriel was hovering around, filing docs that will soon find their way into AO's hands.
  23. Asshole Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    I'm glad AO didn't get in.
  24. determu Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    No they didn't do it early

    they just had a really really short meeting this time

    if i would of had my cell phone on me i would of let him know

    I saw Muriel in the hall way she was using her "persuasion tech" on a county employee, it wasn't working

    is it wrong that i laughed to myself?
  25. mnql1 Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    The agenda says the session is closed because litigation is under discussion:

  26. themadhair Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    I laughed myself silly at that. Very good delivery and Stone's face was indeed priceless at the end.
  27. mnql1 Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    The link for the Board agendas and minutes has changed for the second time in a week; it's now
    Riverside County Agendas and Minutes
  28. anonsparrow Member

  29. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Thanks for the video. Thanks for the nice speech. Ridicule is a powerful tool...
  30. determu Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    i had an Anon help me with the speech

    and this lady too

    [ame=""]YouTube- Public Speaking: Giving a Great Speech : Public Speaking Tips: Body Language[/ame]
  31. mirele Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    "Mr. Stone says this bill was brought forward by a member of the Latter-day Saints bishop."

    Ok, not sure who that is going to be, as a quick search of reveals seven wards (congregations) in and around Hemet. And Riverside County is much larger than Hemet. But it's worth noting that Jeff Stone's chief of staff, Verne Lauritzen, is apparently Mormon. And, for all I know, he could be one of the 21 (three members of bishopric x 7 wards) "bishop" to put this forward, or this could be coming from somewhere else.

    I'd also like to point out that the LDS Church also has a vested interest in keeping picketers away from its buildings, particularly in the wake of the anger over Proposition 8 -- as well as the "kissing episode" on old Main St. in Salt Lake City earlier this year. Politics makes strange bedfellows, and for all we know, someone in the Kirton & McConkie law firm in Salt Lake City may have drafted this piece of dreck. I used to think they wouldn't stoop so low, but after Prop 8 in 2008, fergit it.
  32. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    I wouldn't suggest you make that suggestion... because it'd force the county to make sure you can protest everywhere. Also, depending on the size of the protest it'd be very much up to debate whether a place is good enough or not and it'd just cause further confusion with police etc.

    I like the idea of educating the new person on 884, Scientology and Mr Stone's lies.
  33. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    I suggest that Mormon anons edjumucate other Mormons, but as far as we know this "Mormon bishop" was invented by Jeff Stone as an excuse for the ordinance, and when pressed to say who exactly this "Mormon bishop" was, referred to a news broadcast which the TV station in question said does not exist, when Lirra Bishop called the TV station and asked them about the broadcast.
  34. Sponge Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Careful now....


    [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="5"][FONT="Impact"]SNICKERS[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] [SIZE="5"][FONT="Arial Black"][COLOR="Red"]CHARGED[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"] What are your crimes![/FONT][/SIZE]
  35. UdenNavn Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Dude, you just won't go away!

    You did an even better job than usual, and I hope new guy was as entertained as I.

    I bet Stone can't pass a candybar stand these days without thinking of your twinckly eyes.
  36. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    His wardrobe hasn't changed, but his story has.

  37. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

  38. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Give em hell. Seeing as I live is Scotland, I won't be able to be there.
  39. _You_ Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    Alright then, it happened upon further reading the thread. Best to just ignore my dumb ass then, glad it went well.
  40. xenubarb Member

    Re: 12/08/09 BOS

    I'd like to point out that the first few meetings involving Ordinance 884, the reason given was anonymous as portrayed by the booklet given Stone by Scientology. The "mormon bishop" evolved during the argument against Prop 8 in California, where Stone's schemers seized upon this as a new "acceptable truth" behind the promotion of 884.

    I don't want that verifiable fact to get lost in the shuffle of arguments regarding mormons and fictional mormon bishops.

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