10 July Los Gatos

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by adhocrat, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. adhocrat Member

    10 July Los Gatos

    Another good protest of the Cult of scientology

  2. BLiP Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Excellent!! Love that Willie Nelson version - in fact, I think I might dig out one of my favourite albums you've just reminded me of. Thanks.

    Oh, yeah, good work on the protest too ; >
  3. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Nice. Very nice.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Adhocrat and I decided to show up at 8:30 and count the scilons. It's the first time I protested so early in the morning. Much cooler and quite nice. In the past months I have commented on the condition of their landscaping. Well Joe (estates) has been a busy guy and cleaned the place up real good.

    I have never approached a scilon since I escaped the cult. They is scary.

    Well, after watching a zillion anonsparrow vids, I felt brave today. (Puffs out chest) So I cheerfully went up to Joe and chatted him up. I'm not sure he recognized me as I have lost over 60lbs since I left. But when he asked what I was doing there, and I told him to protest, he shut off. Too bad.

    There was this other car that pulled into the lot and I realized it was the word clearer Geri. I really liked her and for some reason didn't want to upset her. So I took off my mask and sunglasses and when she came closer I said Hi and asked if she ever found my emeter I said she could have. She just ignored me. Too bad. Pretty nice gift I thought.

    There was so many other things I could have said to be more effective. But I still got "Weens". Signs are my way of communicating to them. And you know, Joe didn't bite my head off. We didn't get video taped or handled. No PI's came after us when we left. Their brainwashing is wearing off.

    They is less scary. Progress.

    We had 3 anons and I have never felt so relaxed at a protest. Progress.

    Thanks Sparrow for the great "How to bring down a cult" videos you post. I learned a lot.

    I got some video of the day. This time I am going to learn iMovie and put the clips together. So it is going to take a while.
  5. moarxenu Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Sorry I couldn't make it. Sweet vid.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    We had Caek!


    I'm going back to the campsite and learn iMovie.
  7. adhocrat Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    It's hard to go wrong with Willie.
  8. thetanic Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    I totally understand how you feel, but it was rude of her to behave like that. Not unexpected, sadly.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    So how long there and how many did you count?
  10. Rockyj Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Excellent! Love the Hawaiian shirt & Blue Skies song, the song really set a laid back mood.
    I never thought about Sparrow vids helping exes to be more confident in protesting the cult!
    Too cool!
  11. Bipolart Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Cupcaeks! Yummy. Good job using some communication with your old 'friends'. Too bad they are still in the vice-like grip of the cult and could not talk to you.

    Hopefully, they will soon.
  12. xenubarb Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Damn fine signage!
  13. new guy Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Very nice.
    Love the vid.
  14. BigBeard Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Hostess Cupcakes?!?!?!

    That's not Caek, that's a chemical factory in a box!

    From the ingredients list:

    At least you had pure Willie Nelson though ;^)

    And now I'm suddenly craving Hostess Cupcakes...

  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    There was a total of about 6 or 7 cars in their parking lot for the day. Ween! I was able to yell out GOOGLE SCIENTOLOGY. FIND OUT WHAT THEY AREN'T TELLING YOU. To a half dozen scilons. It felt real good so I yelled out DANGEROUS CULT OF SCIENTOLOGY a few times. Release. I felt good to step out from behind a sign and try verbal communication.



    Los Gatos is a crappy place to hand out flyers. In the past I pass out about 3 - 5 flyers a day. Not many people walking by. Well, with my new training, I started saying "Good Morning" (I can't believe how easy it was) to the peopla walking by and to the cars stopped in front of us. The public sensed my new found ballage. When I offered a flyer, they said hell yea. One guy wanted extras for his friends.

    At the intersection there was a church group with cardboard signs advertising FREE CAR WASH. I went over at one point to check out their signs and was invited to go to their church. The young girl asked what religion I belong to. I told her I was between religions and explained what we were doing. I asked "You would take a old sinner like me?" She replied "Those are the best kind" I can't remember the name of their church. At that moment a fairly large motorcycle drove by and honked. She said "That our Pastor" I looked at the scene closely and thought "what is with religous leaders and motorcycles?"
  16. Bipolart Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Good for you Sign Post! Your confront is firmly in place. A little "hello" can draw people over to your flyerage. Good job!
  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Good work! An attitude shift can be a powerful thing. :)
  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    You have no idea what it has done. Adhocrate and I are protesting everyday now. Well here let me show you this.

    YouTube - adhocrat1's Channel

    Adhocrat and I have been busy little enturbulators.

    Here's my post game video.

  20. xoixoi1 Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    good job guys. Looks dead at that org.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: 10 July Los Gatos

    Sorry I missed it ... was expecting to see it posted elsewhere. Nice vid!

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