08/01/09 Seattle Flash Raid report

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by anonseatac, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. anonseatac Member

    08/01/09 Seattle Flash Raid report

    We decided to go and visit the Scilons in Seattle today and they were ready for us as I just barely put my backpack down when two guys came out and handed one of the anons some paper that was stapled together. They think that this guy is the leader and so they are going after him, but he was laughing his butt off at the entire thing. Got a look at it and it was a TRO, but it wasn't filled out properly or served to him in a fashion as the papers said they had to be served. So it looks like the cult tried pulling the wool over our eyes so he wouldn't be there to protest. It didn't work so well as we protested for a few hours and headed back home with another day of enturbulation under our belts.

    Video is done and already posted on Youtube.

    [ame=""]YouTube - August Seattle Flash Raid[/ame]
  2. Re: 08/01/09 Seattle Flash Raid report

    Couldn't hear crazy guy too well, but the video was awesome for the opening song if nothing else. Good jerb.

    Glad to see Washington State didn't melt away.
  3. Re: 08/01/09 Seattle Flash Raid report

    Very nice! See if you can report that fake TRO, malicious litigation is illegal.
  4. anonseatac Member

    Re: 08/01/09 Seattle Flash Raid report

    That's what happens when I do video on Aurora Ave. Way too much traffic out there for most things to be heard, so I end up covering with music. I should crank it up and transcribe what old dude said.

    As soon as we figure out if it is indeed a fake. It's not looking too valid right now with things that were erased via white-out and then photocopied to not give that bit away. One of the other anons got the papers on his video, but knowing him it'll take a while to get his video up.

    But yeah, apparently it was supposed to be served by a Sheriff in King County, and some schlub came up to deliver the papers. The funniest thing that I didn't get was Ann Pearce waddling away with four people. I have failed in getting that footage, but maybe it's better for my own sanity.

    If anything else comes up with it, Seattle anons will come to update people on this.
  5. Sponge Member

    Re: 08/01/09 Seattle Flash Raid report

    I wonder if this is merely a copy of the forms one gets from a court to fill out in order to apply to the court for a restraining order. You know, "ooo look, we filled out some forms".
    Also, could that be rather naughty, attempting to infringe your rights, aswell as abuse of process by implying that it is an actual restraining order?.... or sumfink?
    Would'nt the result of a sucessful application for a TRO be a serving of the accused with a summons to appear in court so a judge can decide if an actual issuing of a TRO is appropriate?
    I smell bullshit.

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